5 Things Most Pianists Never Learn (And Why You Should)

5 things piano players never learn

You want to be the best pianist you can be, right? While most pianists learn the basics, like reading music and chords, even veteran pianists often don’t learn the things we’ll talk about in this post. We’re going to talk about 5 things most pianists never actually learn, and how you can master them! I’ll…

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Piano Chords for Beginners

piano chords for beginners

If you’re a beginning pianist, you probably feel like you’ll never get your left hand to cooperate with your right! Hand coordination is a challenge for many beginning pianists, so you’re not alone. However, I promise that things will fall into place eventually! One way to speed up the process is by learning basic chords.…

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6 Habits That Make Great Piano Players

great piano players

If, when reading the title, you’re thinking: “Great piano players practice a lot”, you’re absolutely right. But many players practice daily, but only a handful get really good, and even fewer become GREAT. What’s their secret? If you think that it’s their innate talent that sets them apart, I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s not!…

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17 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning the Piano

piano learning mistakes

Learning the piano is a lot of work! When you’re just starting out, there’s room to learn and grow. Unfortunately, most beginning pianists make a lot of mistakes when it comes to playing and practicing. I’ve listed 17 of the most common mistakes that beginners make when learning the piano, plus ways you can avoid…

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9 Myths About Learning the Piano

piano learning myths

Like anything else, there are plenty of myths about the piano floating around out there. You’ve probably heard plenty of these and likely disproven a few of them yourself. Don’t buy into “fake news” about piano learning! Here are a few of the most common piano learning myths and why they aren’t true. Ready to…

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Piano Practice Routines for Beginners

piano practice routine

As a beginner piano player, you want to practice regularly and improve, right? The only way to get better at piano is to practice every day. In fact: It’s important to practice about 30 minutes a day with a structured routine. While advanced players will need longer practice times and have many elements to their…

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The Ultimate Guide to Piano Sight Reading

Piano sight reading guide

Sight reading on the piano seems like a tough skill to learn. There are some people that appear to do it so naturally…. The rest of us, not so much. But what if I told you that with some exclusive tips and exercises, sight reading isn’t really that hard to master? We’ve put together an…

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How to Stick With Piano When It Gets Tough

7 ways to stick with piano

Piano is fun, and it’s rewarding! However, there isn’t a piano player out there who hasn’t considered throwing in the towel when the going gets tough. But what if I told you that there are ways to keep yourself engaged in your piano lessons? So don’t throw out that keyboard yet. I’ve outlined 7 great techniques…

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How to Structure Piano Practice Into Your Day

how to structure piano into your day

Life is busy, isn’t it? It seems like we’re all running around trying to make life fit into 24 hours per day. Adding an activity like piano lessons into the mix can be tough, especially since it involves a daily practice commitment. If you’re having a hard time fitting daily piano practice into your routine,…

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