How to Sing Like Rihanna

how to sing like rihanna

Rihanna’s so special, that we all want what she’s got. But how can you imitate someone who is always changing, always keeping us guessing, and most of all… Always unique? You guessed it, the best way to imitate her is to not imitate her at all, but work at perfecting your own unique voice. But…

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How to Sing Like Mariah Carey

how to sing like mariah carey

Few singers claim the title of “Diva” like Mariah Carey. Possessing a vocal range wider than any present recording artist, and capable of amazingly technical melismas, it’s no wonder so many would-be divas look up to her. But you may think: Are such diva-quality vocals only possible for someone born with amazing pipes? Is it…

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How to Sing Like Selena Gomez

how to sing like selena gomez

She sounds like an angel singing Heart Wants What It Wants. And for millions of would-be singers, the heart wants to sound like Selena Gomez. But what is it about her singing that makes it so “want-able”? After all, she doesn’t deliver powerhouse vocals like Mariah, Whitney, or Adele. There’s something elusively awesome about Selena’s…

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How to Sing Like Taylor Swift

how to sing like taylor swift

What is so special about Taylor Swift? She has the whole world breathlessly waiting on her new single… And you’re wondering, why? Why do people love her so much, and how can you adopt some of her strategies to be just as magnetic and awesome? I truly believe that Taylor’s astounding success comes down to…

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How to Sing Like Adele

how to sing like adele

Who wouldn’t want to be called a “once in a generation” voice, like Adele? Audiences hang onto her every word, while her soulful voice floats over the crowd. How can you command the attention that Adele does? Here’s the thing: It isn’t just Adele’s powerful voice that makes crowds go silent. It’s her authenticity, her…

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How to Sing Like Ariana Grande

how to sing like ariana grande

So, you love Ariana Grande, and would die to sing like her, but… You think you’ll never get there without her legendary 4-octave range. Here’s the thing: Ariana’s range IS fantastic, but she has a whole other bag of tricks you can learn from. And today I’m going to break down what those tricks are,…

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How to Sing Like Bruno Mars

how to sing like bruno mars

Who wouldn’t want to perform like Bruno Mars? No one. Bruno Mars is that rare performer who enjoys a diverse audience from soccer moms to hip-hop giants. So, what makes him so stinkin’ awesome? And how do we snag a little of that awesomeness for ourselves? Behold, exactly what makes Bruno Mars so inspiring, and…

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Singers, You Can Learn to Be Confident!

sing with more confidence

Remember The Little Engine That Could? What was her catch phrase? “I think I can, I think I can.” Simply believing “you can” is the key to overcoming confidence issues as a singer. I can hear you now: Great, thanks for the tip. If I believed “I can”, I wouldn’t be having confidence issues, and…

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The Daily Vocal Workout Plan for Beginners: Singing Exercises and Techniques

daily singing exercises

You’ve heard “practice makes perfect”, so you’re doing your best. You keep singing the same songs over and over, willing them to sound better, but they just… don’t. What gives? You’re practicing, right? So when do you get that “perfect” you were promised? Turns out, there’s a right way to practice: Instead of just wishing…

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The 5 Minute Vocal Warm Up

5 minute vocal warm up

What if I told you there was a magic ritual you could do before every singing performance? A ritual so powerful it practically guarantees you will sound your absolute best, increase your confidence, and won’t damage those golden pipes as you wow your audience? You might already know what this magic ritual is, but just…

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