Chord Progressions Every Beginner Songwriter Must Know

5 easy chord progressions

For a songwriter, writing a new song is a beautiful experience: Few things compare to taking a feeling and translating it into a new, exciting piece of music. However, sitting down to write a new song can also be extremely daunting, especially for beginners. Constructing a melody, rhythm, chord progression, and lyrics all at once…

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The Best Portable Piano Keyboards

top 5 piano keyboards

It’s not a nice feeling… You leave your home and you can’t take your piano with you. Or maybe you’re like so many others: You want to play the piano at home, but you just don’t have room for an acoustic or large digital piano. Thankfully, there are electronic keyboards available that are very portable…

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How to Play Guitar for Beginners

how to play guitar for beginners

Learning to play the guitar is meant to be fun and exciting. Unfortunately, start Googling some beginner guitar tips and you might soon think otherwise. Beginner guitar content is often too focused on basic skills like holding a guitar, guitar anatomy, finger exercises, and restringing. And I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard…

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How to Strum and Move Between Power Chords

power chord technique

I’m guessing you’re like me: You have a few favourite rock and metal songs… And you play them loud. Well, power chords are more or less the core of rock and metal music. This rather simple chord sounds so powerful, hence the name, and is capable of transforming a simple melody into a face melting…

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Best Digital Pianos for Small Spaces and Apartments

top 5 digital pianos

I would love the majestic presence and dynamic acoustic sound of a grand piano in my living room. But as you will likely relate, there just isn’t enough room for a grand piano in my small city apartment. Fortunately, there are cheaper and more compact digital pianos with a decent acoustic sound quality. I have…

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Songwriting Tips for Guitar Players

6 songwriting tips

Let’s face it: There’s hardly a better feeling than adding a new, original song to your repertoire. Unfortunately, the process of writing a song can be painstakingly difficult. But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be so hard? What if there were some simple ways you could improve your songwriting and…

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How to Hold a Guitar Standing Up

how to hold a guitar standing up

Seems pretty easy doesn’t it? Holding a guitar standing up… Many new guitar players struggle with is, however with some proper instruction you can master it fairly quickly. Here I’m going to give you some useful tips so you can stop feeling uncomfortable in this position, and not only hold it properly while standing, but also…

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How to Tune a Guitar Manually

how to manually tune a guitar

There’s one universal truth when it comes to guitars of any type: A cheap, poorly made, but properly tuned guitar will sound much better than a super expensive one that is out of tune. It is just a matter of fact. Having your guitar in tune is the rule, the law, and the one thing you need…

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How to Memorize Guitar Strings

how to memorize guitar strings

There’s only six strings. If only you could memorize them, you’d be able to master any song, right? In a way that’s true: Memorizing the guitar strings is an important first step. But don’t worry, it’s easy. Once you master this, you’ll be able to move on to the really fun stuff. This short guide will…

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Best Practice Routines for Singers

practice routines for singers

Wondering if there are some secret practice routines out there? Here’s the truth: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Some practice routines for singers are a result of generations of careful study and reflections by other successful performers. The hard work is done. And here’s some more good news: Below I have dissected “the best practice…

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