The Best Studio Subwoofer Recommendations

the best studio subwoofers

A subwoofer is going to make your life more enjoyable, trust me. Even if you’re not a music producer. But if you are, you’ll know that music production mainly revolves around two things: Your talent, and the type of equipment you have. The latter is a bit more confusing to most aspiring producers because this part…

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SubPac Wearable Physical Sound System Reviews

subpac physical wearable system reviews

I bet you’re not quite sold on these physical sound systems yet, right? I wasn’t either, but here’s the deal: Wearable tech is definitely the next logical step in the evolution of modern devices. That being said: I didn’t quite expect something like the stuff SubPac has recently released. In the majority of cases, when someone…

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4 Simple Guitar Chords Every Beginner Needs to Know

basic guitar chords

You can’t drive a car without wheels right? Well, you can’t play a song on the guitar without chords. As a beginner, you need to master some basic chords. It turns out that there are 4 easy chords to get started with, and we’ll cover those here. You might be wondering: What is a chord anyways?…

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Find Out Exactly What Online Guitar Lessons Teach You

So someone recommended online guitar lessons eh? Whether you saw an add on Facebook, or perhaps you noticed me recommending them somewhere else on this website, you’re here to find out what they are. I’ll quickly cover this for you in 5 sections: 3 Quick Benefits (Infographic) What You Get How They’re Presented What You Learn Which…

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What’s the Average Cost of Guitar Lessons?

How much do guitar lessons cost

The answer that you don’t want to hear: It depends. The price of guitar lessons will depend on a few things: Experience of your teacher The city you live in Buying more lessons upfront Your skill level So it depends on these things. But there certainly is an average. The average cost of guitar lessons…

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How To Get Back Into The Guitar

There could be a number of reasons why your guitar is collecting dust in the basement. Maybe you’ve just taken a break for a few years. Or perhaps you’re a bit older and you haven’t played since high school. Whatever the case is, if you want to get back into the guitar, then you’ll find…

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Online Guitar Lessons for Seniors

You’re never too old to learn the guitar. You may have heard this before and it’s true. There are plenty of guitar players who are well over 60 years old and they sound great. So learning is not the hard part. It really boils down to how are you going to learn. What tool are…

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Should I Take Guitar Lessons or Teach Myself?

If you want to learn the guitar, or improve on your skills, you have a few options. Right now you’re obviously wondering if you should invest in guitar lessons, or try and learn by yourself. We need to first break this question down into two parts: In Person Lessons vs. Online Lessons. There are essentially…

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What To Do After Buying a Piano Keyboard

If you just bought a piano keyword, or perhaps received one as a gift, you might be thinking: What do I do now? How can you use this instrument to the fullest, and learn it quickly? This is when you’ll want to review some online piano learning software. There are a few piano software programs…

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Is Guitar Tricks Worth the Money?

A lot of people have asked me if Guitar Tricks is worth the money. As you might be aware of, I recommend this program here on my site, but I do personally have my own membership as well. I find it worth the money to keep my membership, as there are new updates all the…

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