6 Habits That Make Great Piano Players

great piano players

If, when reading the title, you’re thinking: “Great piano players practice a lot”, you’re absolutely right. But many players practice daily, but only a handful get really good, and even fewer become GREAT. What’s their secret? If you think that it’s their innate talent that sets them apart, I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s not!…

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How to Sing Louder Without Hurting Your Voice

how to sing loud

Some people seem like they were just born to belt it out. And you’re probably wondering: Is it even possible for me to sing as loudly as these ‘naturals’ do? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret: No one is a naturally perfect singer. Even the people who seem like they were born for…

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How to Find the Best Ukulele for Advanced Players

ukuleles for advanced players

How much did you spend on your first ukulele? I’m guessing that you spent under $100 (or maybe, like me, under $50!) And while I’m sure you enjoyed using that ‘cheap’ ukulele to learn on, at this point you’re probably ready to move on to something that better suits your level. So, out of all…

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Guitar Strumming Patterns for Beginners

guitar strumming patterns for beginners

Strumming is an essential part of playing the guitar, adding rhythm and flavor to your playing. Unfortunately, it can also be an extremely challenging aspect of playing, especially for beginners. Developing the finesse and control to play complex rhythms consistently takes a lot of time and practice. But what if I told you there were…

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The Best Guitar Practice Chairs and Stools

guitar practice chairs and stools

Guitar practice can be a little punishing for the body at times. A little comfort while you practice is a good idea. And, even if you prefer to practice while standing, you will want to park it all down on a comfortable chair or stool and give your legs and back some rest after a…

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17 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning the Piano

piano learning mistakes

Learning the piano is a lot of work! When you’re just starting out, there’s room to learn and grow. Unfortunately, most beginning pianists make a lot of mistakes when it comes to playing and practicing. I’ve listed 17 of the most common mistakes that beginners make when learning the piano, plus ways you can avoid…

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9 Myths About Learning the Piano

piano learning myths

Like anything else, there are plenty of myths about the piano floating around out there. You’ve probably heard plenty of these and likely disproven a few of them yourself. Don’t buy into “fake news” about piano learning! Here are a few of the most common piano learning myths and why they aren’t true. Ready to…

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Finding the Best Ukulele for Guitar Players

ukuleles for guitar players

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an avid guitar player. You love the sound and the feel of a guitar. However, I’m guessing you’re here because you want to mix things up and try a new instrument. Namely, the ukulele. While this may have seemed like a simple choice in the beginning, now you probably…

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What’s My Voice Type? Your Guide to Defining Your Voice

The 25 different voice types

You were probably hoping that defining your voice type would be as simple as finding your range. I was too. Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated. In the German Fach System of voice types, which is still used by professional singers today, there are more than 25 different voice types. With so many different types…

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Piano Practice Routines for Beginners

piano practice routine

As a beginner piano player, you want to practice regularly and improve, right? The only way to get better at piano is to practice every day. In fact: It’s important to practice about 30 minutes a day with a structured routine. While advanced players will need longer practice times and have many elements to their…

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