Singers, You Can Learn to Be Confident!

sing with more confidence

Remember The Little Engine That Could? What was her catch phrase? “I think I can, I think I can.” Simply believing “you can” is the key to overcoming confidence issues as a singer. I can hear you now: Great, thanks for the tip. If I believed “I can”, I wouldn’t be having confidence issues, and…

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The 20 Minute Guitar Practice Routine for Beginners

guitar practice routine for beginners

Practice makes perfect. As a beginner guitarist, I’m sure you’ve heard that over and over again. And it’s true: Practicing really is the key to becoming a better, more advanced guitarist. But what exactly should you be practicing? There are hundreds of musical concepts a beginner guitarist needs to understand, and finding the right place…

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Best Electronic Drum Set for Apartments and Noise Reduction

electronic drum sets for apartments

Acoustic drums are a fabulously dynamic musical instrument. Yet they are also quite loud. And not many city folks will take the news a drummer has just moved into the apartment above theirs with excitement. That doesn’t mean you and your treasured acoustic drums are banished to the farms. At least you don’t have to…

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5 Best Acoustic Guitars for College Students

best guitar for college students

A high end Takamine or Martin acoustic guitar would be an awesome purchase. Yet, for the majority of us, it isn’t always the most appropriate choice. It’s especially not great for a college student, who has a tricky budget to balance. You want a good quality guitar, at an affordable price. Such a guitar is…

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The Daily Vocal Workout Plan for Beginners: Singing Exercises and Techniques

daily singing exercises

You’ve heard “practice makes perfect”, so you’re doing your best. You keep singing the same songs over and over, willing them to sound better, but they just… don’t. What gives? You’re practicing, right? So when do you get that “perfect” you were promised? Turns out, there’s a right way to practice: Instead of just wishing…

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Think You Have a Bad Voice?

how to fix a bad voice

We’ve all been there. All you want is to be able to sing. And whether you’ve been practicing hard or are a complete vocal newbie, you have one major question: Am I actually any good at singing?! Asking other people can be scary, but you just want to accurately gage your vocal ability. It may…

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The Keith Urban Player Guitar Set Review

Keith Urban's Guitar Player Set Review

We’d all like to make quick progress on the guitar. But quick progress will never replace a solid foundation. In this review of the Keith Urban Player Guitar Set, we’ll look at whether or not you should use this method, but also show a few other options that will help you build a solid foundation…

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Ukulele: Types, Sizes, Brands, and How to Find the Perfect Option for You

ukulele buying guide

Buying a ukulele might have seemed like a pretty straightforward purchase, at first. When I went to buy my first ukulele, I was surprised to find that there are actually different kinds of ukuleles, and that each produces a unique sound. Your first thought upon this realization was probably very similar to mine: Which one…

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Guitar Pro 7 Review

guitar pro 7 review

I’ve always dreamed of writing my own music. There’s a good chance you’ve thought the same thing, too. Being able to compose your music (or put down any song, even if you didn’t write it) can change your playing forever. In this Guitar Pro 7 review, we’ll learn exactly how you can write down and…

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Learning Guitar for Girls

7 things girls must know about guitar

You’ve probably heard before that the guitar is a boy’s instrument. I’ll admit, there are probably more boys that play guitar than girls in the world. However, this stigmatism might just be the cause of those statistics! And let me tell you right now: Guitars are for girls too! Today we’re going to bust some of…

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