Performance Tips for Singers

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Anyone who’s sung in a crowded bar has experienced it: You’re singing your heart out on stage… and no one is listening. There is a difference between someone who can simply carry a tune, and someone who can captivate a crowd with nothing but their voice. The first is a singer. The second is a…

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When Should Kids Start Taking Piano Lessons?

when should kids learn piano

As a parent, you only want what’s best for your child. You want to nurture their interests right? Yet you can’t help but see child piano prodigies and wonder: Can that be my child? By encouraging their interest with piano lessons, you can provide your child with the skills necessary to unlock their true talents. So,…

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The Official Chord Buddy Review

Chordbuddy review

Who doesn’t like a shortcut? To save time, I’ll take the back-roads any day. But when it comes to learning guitar, shortcuts don’t work for everyone. So in this Chord Buddy review, we’ll figure out whether this approach is right for you, but also show you some more reliable alternatives. I want to explain exactly what you…

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Are Singing Lessons Worth It?

Are singing lessons worth it

Nearly everyone sings. Even if it’s in the shower, or in your car, I know you’re doing it. And whether you think you’re a good singer or not, you’ve probably wondered: Is there a way to improve my singing voice? Many people aren’t sure whether singing lessons are actually worth it. But, what if they…

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Benefits of Alternate Guitar Tunings

benefits of alternate tunings

You’re looking up chords for your new favourite song. It’s in an alternate tuning… You give up and move on to something “less challenging”. What if I told you that alternate tuning can make playing your favourite song EASIER to play?! In fact, once you get started, you’ll get addicted to alternate tunings and you may…

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How Should Adults Learn to Play Piano?

how should adults learn piano

You might be wondering: Is it too late to learn piano? Have you thought about learning, and then felt like the odds are stacked against you? Well, let’s break that barrier right now. With some simple online tools, and a change in mindset and determination, it is totally possible for you to learn piano. I’ve curated these…

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5 Songs You Shouldn’t Be Using To Learn Acoustic Guitar (Plus 5 Good Ones!)

5 songs to avoid

We’ve all seen those guys on the college quad. They strum hard on their guitar, garnering small crowds of sorority girls and guys in tank-tops. We can all agree that these folks are not the ideal image of a guitar player. In fact, they are the end of rock n’ roll as we know it.…

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These 23 Guitar Skills Will Make You a Master

guitar mastery skills

Some guitarists make it look easy. They dance up and down the neck without ever looking at their fingers. They elicit tones unmatched by any high school punk on his Dad’s Washburn. They move with precision and speed reserved only for those who sell their souls at the Crossroads. We’ve all been there: practicing and…

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Am I Too Old To Sing?

two old singers

Some people are just born to sing. And if you haven’t given it a shot yet, you’re probably too old right? Here’s the thing: That’s not exactly true. As a matter of fact, it’s not even CLOSE to being accurate! With a little dedication and a lot of hard work, anyone at any age, can…

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Where Can Adults Learn Guitar?

guitar class in session on chalkboard

Learning a new skill as an adult can be hard. Teaching my Dad to use his iPad was VERY frustrating. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Sound familiar? Well, when it comes to using an iPad, or learning the guitar, this simply isn’t true. The guitar is learnable, even for adults. Yet, the question of…

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