Ibanez vs Fender Bass

Bass guitars, like any other instrument out there, come in various different flavors. There isn’t necessarily a bad ‘type’ of bass guitar, but rather one which you like or one you don’t. Today we are going to do a short comparison of two very different basses, which are priced relatively closely, and offer that different…

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The Ultimate Bass Guitar Buying Guide for 2017

best bass guitar brands

If you play bass, you probably don’t get enough recognition. But don’t worry: Real musicians know it is both an exciting and demanding instrument to play. While most people who aren’t in the know think it’s just a bigger, four-stringed guitar, the bass is a whole different ball game. On that note, I wanted to create a…

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Should You Sign Up With ArtistWorks?

ArtistWorks review

ArtistWorks is one of the best online websites for music lessons. They have a unique feature with their online lessons, and offer instructions on many of the less “mainstream” instruments like the violin, harmonica, and saxophone to name a few. In a world where all types of lessons are moving online, and the teachers are being…

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JamPlay’s Bass Lessons Are The Best

I know the title of this article is a bit bold, but it’s true. If you’re looking for online video lessons for the bass, JamPlay is your answer. There are tons of other popular guitar lesson websites and programs, however JamPlay is really the only source for quality lessons on the bass. What’s great is…

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