The Best USB Microphone for Rapping

USB mics for rappers

You have penned what you are sure will be your ticket to the big stage. And you are confident you will blow those hard-to-please record label execs away. But putting it all down on tape, your rap bars just don’t sound right on this home studio setup you have right now. You are stumped… Yet…

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Magix Music Maker Review

magix music maker

Choosing a DAW when you know very little about them is daunting. Making matters worse: Now there are so many of them that few stand out. Everyone has their favorite, which, because you may not agree with their taste in music, or approach to music production, won’t necessarily tick all the boxes for you. Today…

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Best DAW for Beginners (Digital Audio Workstation)

best DAW for beginners

So you are dead set on becoming a music producer? …and now know you can put together the 5 things you need to start making your own beats for just $300! Time to cross one of those – DAW software – off the list. Today I will walk you through the best DAW options available…

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The 5 Things You Need for Making Your Own Beats for Less Than $300

5 things you need to make your own beats

You know you should be making beats. Because everything else bores you to sleep. So what’s stopping you? Maybe you’re wondering what equipment you need, and agonizing about whether you can come up with the required budget. Or maybe you’re just over-analyzing things. So I have paused my own beats to break it all down…

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