Best Condenser Mic for Lead Vocals and Home Recording

best condenser mic

Recording good lead vocals takes much more than a beautiful voice. And there is only so much that even an experienced engineer can do with harsh, distorted, and clipped vocals. The quality of your vocals depends largely on how well your microphone captures your voice and arrests the negative elements in your recording environment. Your…

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The Best Keyboard Amp for Live Performances

top 5 keyboard amps

Nothing beats the thrill of a live band performance. Unless, of course, you are the drowned out keyboardist who can’t hear yourself play. You know you need your own dedicated amp because the other players with louder instruments always play over your keyboard. It sucks.  But with so many options out there, it can be…

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Best All-In-One AV Mixer for Small Event Filming and Live Streaming

best all in one av mixer

Video content is a hot topic right now. Google’s data suggests half of all millennials would stop whatever they are doing to watch a video. And it’s not just regular, recorded video. There is a growing, captive audience that prefer their video content streamed live. In short, video works. As a video content creator, you…

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Best DAW for Beginners (Digital Audio Workstation)

best DAW for beginners

So you are dead set on becoming a music producer? …and now know you can put together the 5 things you need to start making your own beats for just $300! Time to cross one of those – DAW software – off the list. Today I will walk you through the best DAW options available…

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The 5 Things You Need for Making Your Own Beats for Less Than $300

5 things you need to make your own beats

You know you should be making beats. Because everything else bores you to sleep. So what’s stopping you? Maybe you’re wondering what equipment you need, and agonizing about whether you can come up with the required budget. Or maybe you’re just over-analyzing things. So I have paused my own beats to break it all down…

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How to Find the Best Ukulele for Advanced Players

ukuleles for advanced players

How much did you spend on your first ukulele? I’m guessing that you spent under $100 (or maybe, like me, under $50!) And while I’m sure you enjoyed using that ‘cheap’ ukulele to learn on, at this point you’re probably ready to move on to something that better suits your level. So, out of all…

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The Best Guitar Practice Chairs and Stools

guitar practice chairs and stools

Guitar practice can be a little punishing for the body at times. A little comfort while you practice is a good idea. And, even if you prefer to practice while standing, you will want to park it all down on a comfortable chair or stool and give your legs and back some rest after a…

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Finding the Best Ukulele for Guitar Players

ukuleles for guitar players

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an avid guitar player. You love the sound and the feel of a guitar. However, I’m guessing you’re here because you want to mix things up and try a new instrument. Namely, the ukulele. While this may have seemed like a simple choice in the beginning, now you probably…

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Best Electronic Drum Set for Apartments and Noise Reduction

electronic drum sets for apartments

Acoustic drums are a fabulously dynamic musical instrument. Yet they are also quite loud. And not many city folks will take the news a drummer has just moved into the apartment above theirs with excitement. That doesn’t mean you and your treasured acoustic drums are banished to the farms. At least you don’t have to…

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5 Best Acoustic Guitars for College Students

best guitar for college students

A high end Takamine or Martin acoustic guitar would be an awesome purchase. Yet, for the majority of us, it isn’t always the most appropriate choice. It’s especially not great for a college student, who has a tricky budget to balance. You want a good quality guitar, at an affordable price. Such a guitar is…

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