The Keith Urban Player Guitar Set Review

Keith Urban's Guitar Player Set Review

We’d all like to make quick progress on the guitar. But quick progress will never replace a solid foundation. In this review of the Keith Urban Player Guitar Set, we’ll look at whether or not you should use this method, but also show a few other options that will help you build a solid foundation…

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Ukulele: Types, Sizes, Brands, and How to Find the Perfect Option for You

ukulele buying guide

Buying a ukulele might have seemed like a pretty straightforward purchase, at first. When I went to buy my first ukulele, I was surprised to find that there are actually different kinds of ukuleles, and that each produces a unique sound. Your first thought upon this realization was probably very similar to mine: Which one…

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The Best Portable Piano Keyboards

top 5 piano keyboards

It’s not a nice feeling… You leave your home and you can’t take your piano with you. Or maybe you’re like so many others: You want to play the piano at home, but you just don’t have room for an acoustic or large digital piano. Thankfully, there are electronic keyboards available that are very portable…

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Best Digital Pianos for Small Spaces and Apartments

top 5 digital pianos

I would love the majestic presence and dynamic acoustic sound of a grand piano in my living room. But as you will likely relate, there just isn’t enough room for a grand piano in my small city apartment. Fortunately, there are cheaper and more compact digital pianos with a decent acoustic sound quality. I have…

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The Best Guitar Tuners You Can Clip-On

clip on guitar tuner buying guide

Properly tuning your guitar is a MUST. Here’s the deal: There is nothing worse than getting together with a band, only to realize that you are out of tune. Don’t be that guy! Because of this, guitar tuners are a piece of gear that most smart guitar players have in their gig bags. There are several types…

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The 3 Best Guitar String Brands

guitar string buying guide

Guitar strings are a pretty interesting component of any modern guitar. Not only are they necessary for your instrument to even work at all, but a set of strings can have a pretty significant impact on the tone you will get from a guitar. This is especially true if you are playing acoustic guitar.  There…

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The 7 Best Guitar Straps

Guitar strap buying guide

I’ll admit it: There was a time when I didn’t think guitar straps were that important. But the day you need to rely on one, you better hope it’s good. People usually tend to cheap out, even though this is a pretty important piece of gear. Why are straps so important? You will understand why the moment you…

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The 8 Best Guitar Pick Brands

guitar picks buying guide

Guitar picks are definitely the most important accessory in the toolkit of any guitar player out there. Unless you are strictly into fingerstyle guitar, not having picks when it is time to play guitar can be a disaster. Here’s the truth: You can never have enough picks. Just like socks in a washing machine, picks…

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5 Awesome Guitar Cases and Bags

guitar case buying guide

Scratching your guitar sucks. I don’t know about you, but I try so hard to avoid banging up my guitars. Sometimes accidents happen, but I definitely try and prevent them as much as possible. When you think about it, guitars are delicate by nature. Watch one being built and you’ll see why. When a crew…

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The Best Guitar Capos To Consider

Guitar capo buying guide

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a pretty good guitar player. So I’m going to jump straight to our list and avoid explaining in detail what a guitar capo is. But if you are wondering why you should have one of these in your gig bag or guitar tool box, the answer is simple. Imagine…

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