The 5 Best Guitar Cables

Guitar cable buying guide

Huge tip: Don’t buy cheap guitar cables. If there is one electric guitar accessory that is often overlooked, it has got to be the cables. Even though it is the only link you have between your instrument, effect pedals, and the amplifier, so many guitar players just get the cheapest thing they can find. There…

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My Complete Amazon Echo Dot Review (2nd Generation)

Amazon Echo Dot Review

Don’t get left behind… When it comes to new technology, you really need to learn about these voice assistant gadgets. I know it can get a bit confusing, so I’ve put together this full guide on the new Amazon Echo Dot. Here’s the truth: Voice assistants are the latest gadget that is slowly but surely…

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8 Things Every Guitar Player Needs

guitar tool kit

Playing and owning a guitar includes so much more than the guitar itself. Just like any musical instrument out there, you will need to have some accessories that come in handy when it is time for maintenance or adjustment of the guitar. So what’s the bottom line? Every guitar player who has some experience under…

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SONOS Home Theater Systems are Amazing!

sonos review

I love music. Heck, I run a whole website dedicated to it. But here’s the deal: For the life of me, I can’t remember specific songs or musicians. I always wanted to have the best playlists for parties or dinners, however I just couldn’t for the life of me put them together. What’s the song…

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Ibanez vs Fender Bass

Ibanez vs Fender Bass

Bass guitars, like any other instrument out there, come in various different “styles“. There isn’t necessarily a bad ‘type’ of bass guitar, but rather one which you like, or dislike. Today we are going to do a short comparison of two very different basses, which are priced relatively closely, and offer that different type of…

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Epiphone vs. Gibson Acoustic Guitars

epiphone vs gibson acoustic guitars

Gibson and their relationship with Epiphone is a well-known story by now. The former is one of the biggest names in the business, while the latter was created with a sole purpose of producing affordable models of famous Gibson guitars. It used to be that Epiphone was nowhere near Gibson when it came to quality.…

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The Complete Violin Buying Guide in 2017

violin buying guide

Shopping for a violin is easier than it ever was before. But, you need to know exactly what you want. Approaching this task without any previous prep work might result in you getting a violin that doesn’t fit you, or one which is simply not as good as you thought. Therefore, I’ve put together this…

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Martin vs. Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Martin vs. Taylor

The world of acoustic guitars is relatively volatile. You’ll see new models and brands enter the market each year. It’s definitely exciting. But here’s the bottom line: There are still some constants you can always count on. There are brands which have established their dominance a long time ago and managed to maintain it to…

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The Best 3 String Banjos for Professionals and Beginners

best 5 string banjos

The banjo has been a quintessential part of folk music for a long time now. It was diminishing in popularity for a moment there, but we have seen a revamp in demand for this incredible instrument. There is nothing better than having a good banjo in your band and a skilled person playing it. Here’s what’s…

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3 Recommended Ukuleles for Beginners

3 Ukuleles for Beginners

Ukuleles are by far one of the most authentic and interesting stringed instruments you can get into these days. They look like scaled down acoustic guitars. But aside from their appearances, there are few similarities. What attracts a lot of people towards ukuleles is the fact that you can take them with you wherever you go…

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