Should You Sign Up With ArtistWorks?

ArtistWorks review

ArtistWorks is one of the best online websites for music lessons. They have a unique feature with their online lessons, and offer instructions on many of the less “mainstream” instruments like the violin, harmonica, and saxophone to name a few. In a world where all types of lessons are moving online, and the teachers are being…

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Electric or Acoustic Guitars – Which is Better for Beginners?

electric vs acoustic guitars

Should you start learning on an electric or acoustic guitar? Don’t worry, this is a very common question. Good news: I’ve got a really straight forward answer for you: It does not matter. It’s less about what kind of guitar, and more about what kind of instruction. For learning, and even for beginners, an electric…

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2 Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners – Under $100 & $500

best acoustic guitars

Let me guess. You’re either a beginner yourself, or you’re looking to buy a guitar for someone who’s just started playing. I’ve been in your shoes, and I know how you feel. Tons of choices right? A few years ago I was searching for the best acoustic guitar for beginners, and now I’m sharing my findings.…

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Learn and Master Guitar vs. Guitar Tricks and JamPlay

Instead of comparing Learn and Master Guitar to Guitar Tricks, and then later comparing it to JamPlay, I’ve decided to just kill two birds with one stone here. And it’s not because I’m lazy. I love reviewing and writing about these programs. It’s mainly because I want to emphasize the bigger picture. What I mean…

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Best Way to Learn Guitar: A Beginner’s Guide

3 ways to learn guitar

Wondering what the best way to learn guitar is?… Is there a secret technique that everyone is hiding from you? Here’s the truth: This article is NOT going to give you a list of specific steps to do, and then promise you will turn into a great player. No article like that exists. You can’t read a list…

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Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Review

I hate to start off a review of the Guitar Learn and Master program with a negative note. But I’m just being honest, and it’s the first thing that came to my mind as I reviewed the product, and started considering what your needs and wants are. Firstly, I recommend online courses and programs like…

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Find the Best Electric Guitar Lessons on the Web

You’re probably familiar with the concept of learning music online. The days of taking electric guitar lessons in person are slowly getting eliminated because of the resources available online. But the term “online” can refer to tons of different products and websites, and making a decision on a program can get really daunting. There’s honestly a…

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Learning Jazz Guitar With Online Lessons

If you head over to YouTube and search for some jazz guitar lessons, chances are you’re not going to find any great lessons. The problem is that it’s a very specific genre of guitar, and any lessons you do find will probably not be structured in an effective way. But what if I don’t you…

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#1 Resource for Online Blues Guitar Lessons

Looking for blues guitar lessons? Well you’re in luck, because I have found one of the best resources for online lessons, particularly in the blues style. This website has over 15 professional instructors who have created over 300 lessons on just the blues. They also have lessons on all the different styles of guitar. As…

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Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginners and Intermediate Guitarists

How would you like to get access to thousands of online acoustic guitar lessons in over 15 different styles. Want to learn the blues, country or classic rock? Well you can learn these different styles on the acoustic guitar, from high quality video lessons produced by some of the best guitar instructors from around the globe. So…

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