Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Review and Ratings

One of the most popular acoustic guitars is the Jasmine S35. If you’re looking for a super affordable guitar, then this is definitely the one you want. It’s great for beginners and those who don’t want to spend a lot on what might be their first guitar, or just a spare guitar. Keep in mind…

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Do Guitar Learning Apps Work?

Over the last few years, apps in general have skyrocketed in popularity. There’s almost an app for everything these days. But what about music, and specifically learning the guitar? Are these any good, and do they actually work? Yes and No The truth is, guitar learning apps do work, and they can be a lot of…

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Yousician vs. Guitar Tricks Comparison

I have compared Yousician to other guitar apps, guitar video games, and now here with Guitar Tricks, a full membership website. There is an absolute clear winner in my opinion, however each one has its own benefits. I’m hoping this Yousician vs. Guitar Tricks comparison will highlight a few of the main differences to help…

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Guitar Tricks vs. JamPlay 2017

guitar tricks vs jamplay

As you probably already know, Guitar Tricks and JamPlay are the two biggest guitar learning websites in the world. There are many other programs, courses, and even apps like Yousician, however they just don’t compare. If you’ve narrowed down your choices to these two, then you’re on the right track. I’m hoping this Guitar Tricks…

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Yousician vs. Rock Prodigy

Yousician vs Rock Prodigy

Yousician and Rock Prodigy are two of the more popular guitar learning apps. In this comparison review I want to highlight some of their best features, and try and help you make a decision on which platform is the best for learning guitar. What’s My First Impression Yousician is the newer app, and after using it…

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Yousician vs Rocksmith – Learn Guitar with an App or a Video Game

Both Yousician and Rocksmith are non traditional ways to learn the guitar. They both have their advantages, and here in this Yousician vs. Rocksmith review, I’d like to highlight some of the main differences and perhaps make some recommendations for those who really want to learn and improve their skills on the guitar. What’s Good…

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