6 Habits That Make Great Piano Players

great piano players

If, when reading the title, you’re thinking: “Great piano players practice a lot”, you’re absolutely right. But many players practice daily, but only a handful get really good, and even fewer become GREAT. What’s their secret? If you think that it’s their innate talent that sets them apart, I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s not!…

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17 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning the Piano

piano learning mistakes

Learning the piano is a lot of work! When you’re just starting out, there’s room to learn and grow. Unfortunately, most beginning pianists make a lot of mistakes when it comes to playing and practicing. I’ve listed 17 of the most common mistakes that beginners make when learning the piano, plus ways you can avoid…

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9 Myths About Learning the Piano

piano learning myths

Like anything else, there are plenty of myths about the piano floating around out there. You’ve probably heard plenty of these and likely disproven a few of them yourself. Don’t buy into “fake news” about piano learning! Here are a few of the most common piano learning myths and why they aren’t true. Ready to…

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Piano Practice Routines for Beginners

piano practice routine

As a beginner piano player, you want to practice regularly and improve, right? The only way to get better at piano is to practice every day. In fact: It’s important to practice about 30 minutes a day with a structured routine. While advanced players will need longer practice times and have many elements to their…

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Help! My Piano Skills are Not Improving

get better on piano in 7 days

Learning the piano is not all rainbows and unicorns. There are days, even weeks, where you feel like you’re chasing your own tail, not going anywhere. In fact, this seems like a popular topic in forums for music students: I’m stuck on a plateau and can’t push through, and it sucks. Help! If this is…

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The Ultimate Guide to Piano Sight Reading

Piano sight reading guide

Sight reading on the piano seems like a tough skill to learn. There are some people that appear to do it so naturally…. The rest of us, not so much. But what if I told you that with some exclusive tips and exercises, sight reading isn’t really that hard to master? We’ve put together an…

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The Best Portable Piano Keyboards

top 5 piano keyboards

It’s not a nice feeling… You leave your home and you can’t take your piano with you. Or maybe you’re like so many others: You want to play the piano at home, but you just don’t have room for an acoustic or large digital piano. Thankfully, there are electronic keyboards available that are very portable…

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Best Digital Pianos for Small Spaces and Apartments

top 5 digital pianos

I would love the majestic presence and dynamic acoustic sound of a grand piano in my living room. But as you will likely relate, there just isn’t enough room for a grand piano in my small city apartment. Fortunately, there are cheaper and more compact digital pianos with a decent acoustic sound quality. I have…

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When Should Kids Start Taking Piano Lessons?

when should kids learn piano

As a parent, you only want what’s best for your child. You want to nurture their interests right? Yet you can’t help but see child piano prodigies and wonder: Can that be my child? By encouraging their interest with piano lessons, you can provide your child with the skills necessary to unlock their true talents. So,…

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How Should Adults Learn to Play Piano?

how should adults learn piano

You might be wondering: Is it too late to learn piano? Have you thought about learning, and then felt like the odds are stacked against you? Well, let’s break that barrier right now. With some simple online tools, and a change in mindset and determination, it is totally possible for you to learn piano. I’ve curated these…

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