How to Sing Louder Without Hurting Your Voice

how to sing loud

Some people seem like they were just born to belt it out. And you’re probably wondering: Is it even possible for me to sing as loudly as these ‘naturals’ do? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret: No one is a naturally perfect singer. Even the people who seem like they were born for…

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What’s My Voice Type? Your Guide to Defining Your Voice

The 25 different voice types

You were probably hoping that defining your voice type would be as simple as finding your range. I was too. Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated. In the German Fach System of voice types, which is still used by professional singers today, there are more than 25 different voice types. With so many different types…

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Singers, You Can Learn to Be Confident!

sing with more confidence

Remember The Little Engine That Could? What was her catch phrase? “I think I can, I think I can.” Simply believing “you can” is the key to overcoming confidence issues as a singer. I can hear you now: Great, thanks for the tip. If I believed “I can”, I wouldn’t be having confidence issues, and…

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The Daily Vocal Workout Plan for Beginners: Singing Exercises and Techniques

daily singing exercises

You’ve heard “practice makes perfect”, so you’re doing your best. You keep singing the same songs over and over, willing them to sound better, but they just… don’t. What gives? You’re practicing, right? So when do you get that “perfect” you were promised? Turns out, there’s a right way to practice: Instead of just wishing…

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Think You Have a Bad Voice?

how to fix a bad voice

We’ve all been there. All you want is to be able to sing. And whether you’ve been practicing hard or are a complete vocal newbie, you have one major question: Am I actually any good at singing?! Asking other people can be scary, but you just want to accurately gage your vocal ability. It may…

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5 Signs You’re Damaging Your Voice

signs you are damaging your voice

We’ve all had that moment where our voice just stops working properly. Whether it’s that terrible ‘squeak’ sound, or a complete lack of voice, it’s a horrible feeling and it’s happened to us all. But, how can you know whether you’ve actually done real damage to your vocal cords? And if you have done damage,…

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How to Find Your Ultimate Vocal Range and Nail Those Notes

vocal range finder

Wouldn’t you love to know exactly which songs suit your voice the best? We all know that moment when you’re singing in front of your friends, and all of a sudden you’re straining to reach notes that seem impossibly difficult. On the other hand, some songs seem to come naturally to us. This is all…

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The 5 Minute Vocal Warm Up

5 minute vocal warm up

What if I told you there was a magic ritual you could do before every singing performance? A ritual so powerful it practically guarantees you will sound your absolute best, increase your confidence, and won’t damage those golden pipes as you wow your audience? You might already know what this magic ritual is, but just…

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Help! My Singing is Not Improving

voice not improving

Improving your vocal skills can be very challenging. It feels like you’ve been practicing for hours on end, but you still struggle to carry a basic tune. You’re starting to feel like your efforts are hopeless and futile, and maybe you just can’t sing. Does this sound like you? Trust me, we’ve all been there.…

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Best Practice Routines for Singers

practice routines for singers

Wondering if there are some secret practice routines out there? Here’s the truth: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Some practice routines for singers are a result of generations of careful study and reflections by other successful performers. The hard work is done. And here’s some more good news: Below I have dissected “the best practice…

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