Ukulele vs Guitar: Which One Should You Play?

guitars vs ukuleles

Choosing which instrument you’re going to learn is never easy. It’s an investment of both your time and money, and you want to make sure the instrument you pick is right for you. So if you’re stuck in your decision of ukulele vs guitar, how can you decide? Here’s the bottom line: I’m not here…

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5 Simple Steps to Mastering the Ukulele

how to master the ukulele

Learning to play the ukulele sounds like fun, right? At some point we’ve all dreamt of playing on stage like our favourite artists, only to find that picking up an instrument is much easier said than done. But the ukulele is actually one of the simplest instruments to learn. If you’re one of those people…

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3 Recommended Ukuleles for Beginners

3 Ukuleles for Beginners

Ukuleles are by far one of the most authentic and interesting stringed instruments you can get into these days. They look like scaled down acoustic guitars. But aside from their appearances, there are few similarities. What attracts a lot of people towards ukuleles is the fact that you can take them with you wherever you go…

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