Does Ken Tamplin’s Vocal Academy Work?

does ken tamplin vocal academy work

Many singers who are looking to take their voices to the next level start searching for the various online lessons that are available.

So first things first, online lessons are great. I love them, and recommend them to everyone. The reason is they’re so affordable, and you can start practicing instantly.

But there are a few choices out there, and that brings us to the specific question, does Ken Tamplin’s Vocal Academy really work?

Enter Ken Tamplin:

Ken is a very popular singing instructor who has created a program that he’s called his Vocal Academy.

Like with all the online instructors, he claims his teachings are the best, but are they really?

After reading and researching these programs for so long, I still personally recommend The Superior Singing Method, as it’s more affordable, and easier to use.

ken tamplin vocal academy box setThe reason I don’t recommend Ken’s program for everyone is because it’s too expensive for most people, and the format is not as convenient as other courses. You can either buy the DVD / CD set, or you can download all the lessons to your computer, which is something like 15 gigs.

So right away, having to use CDs and DVDs is just not convenient for everyone. My laptop doesn’t have a DVD disk reader. Secondly, I don’t want to take up 15 gigs on my computer.

These might be minor things, however when you compare them to other programs, which allow you to simply stream online video and follow along step by step, I think it’s something to consider.

Do People Get Results?

If you look past the price and the format, people definitely do get results.

There are a lot of positive testimonials out there from Ken’s students, and Ken’s voice is awesome too. So to answer the question, does this program work? Yes it does.

If you take action and commit, you’ll see results. This is true for all the top programs available. If you follow the instruction from the recommended online coaches, you will improve your voice.

So It’s More About Action

I recommend 3 courses on this website:

These are recommended for the majority of people who are looking for lessons to improve their voices. You can read the reviews above for more specific information.

For those who are perhaps looking to make a bigger investment financially, ($1000), then perhaps consider researching Ken’s private WebCam lessons.  These are expensive compared to basic online courses, however you get that true one on one lessons.

But if you’re not interested in paying that much, and are looking for a course you can access online and follow along, then consider reading my review of Aaron’s Superior Sining Method. 

You get great instruction, it’s simple to use, and it’s very affordable (with full money back guarantee).

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