Ken Tamplin’s Vocal Academy vs. Singing Success

KTVA vs Singing Success

This is another comparison of two very popular singing programs: Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy vs. Singing Success.

The first thing I’d like to mention, which I always do, is that taking action and getting a program is the best thing you can do for your voice. Both courses, and in fact all the ones I recommend on this website will give you good results. So bottom line you need to take action and start practicing in order to sing better.

In terms of comparison, I’d like to make another point. If you head over to Ken’s forum, you’ll see a few posts which aren’t favorable towards Brett Manning’s Singing Success. On the other hand, you’ll probably find a few other forums that don’t like Ken’s program.

The point is, you need to be careful where you’re getting your information from. One bad review should not deter you from a course. 5 great reviews all from one specific forum might not tell the whole story.

Fortunately here I’ve spent hours researching all these courses, and I don’t have any ill will towards either course. So you’re in good hands.

I Would Recommend Singing Success

Here’s a full video review of what you get with Singing Success:


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Other Options for Beginners

If you're just a beginner, and you weren't impressed with the video review above, there are some other affordable courses which are great for beginners, which I outline here. 

These other options are recommended if you're on a tighter budget.

Some people who are just starting out may not want to pay what these programs cost. If you're just a beginner, and you want some good instruction to improve your vocals, then consider the options in the link above.

Beginners will see results with Ken's program as well as Brett's Singing Success, just be prepared to pay more. Singing Success actually has a few stand alone products which are not very expensive, and can really help you to figure out if you like the coaching from Brett at Singing Success. I have linked to the reviews here:

Mastering Harmony

Mastering Vibrato

Mastering Mix

How Are They Presented?

Both courses offer a "hardcopy" of the program you can order to your home. So this would be DVDs and CDs.

Singing Success has an online version as well. You can just access the audio video lessons from your member dashboard.

Ken's program is a bit behind in this area. If this doesn't bother you than it's fine, however one of the benefits of these lessons is convenience. You don't have to go see your instructor. Ken's program has the box set of DVDs and CDs, however you can't access any lessons online. You can download them all to your computer however, but make sure you have enough space.

One program that offers the most convenience for streaming the lessons online is The Superior Singing Method. In your membership area you get to watch the videos online. No need to use DVDs or CDs, and no need to download anything to your computer. Check out the video of the member's area here. 

Final Thoughts

These are both really good courses, and each have their own fan base.

However, there are a few other programs out there as well. You can find my top 3 recommendations here.

The material in Singing Success is presented online in a more technology savvy way. They also have a few less expensive products.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is the most expensive, however it's fans do speak very highly. If you're interested in something beyond an online singing course, and are willing to spend money on Private Online lessons, then Ken could be the way to go.

Botton line, each program has received great feedback. Take action and your voice will improve.

Ken's program bundles can get quite expensive, however his one on one coaching is probably the best.

If you want to stream your lessons online in full HD video, without having to use DVDs, then consider The SSM (Superior Singing Method) which is personally my favourite course. 

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