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Singing tips and exercises

Can anyone sing?


But it doesn’t mean they will sound any good.

A more helpful question and answer may be:

Can anyone improve their singing voice?

Yes they can!

But only by practicing the right singing exercises.


Top 3 Singing Exercises

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How Many Singing Techniques Do You Know?

Unless you’re a coach yourself, you probably don’t know as many techniques as you should.

There are specific exercises for all ranges of singing techniques. Specific exercises help with pitch and tone, others help with reaching high notes, others help with your breathing and so on.

Knowing just a few will help, but having access to all of them, and practicing them in a specific fashion is what will get you the quickest results.

Tips and Exercises are Not Enough

If you want to improve a lot, then 1 or 2 exercises is just not enough.

Those that get really good and improve all aspects of their voice are the ones who follow a program and practice all areas.

But you can’t do that with some free Youtube lessons. It just doesn’t work that way. Firstly the information is not complete, and secondly it doesn’t help with your entire voice.

Discover How Anyone Can Improve Their Voice

With a few specific exercises anyone can improve to a certain extent.

But let’s review a list of techniques and exercises a singing coach will teach you, and think about how much MORE improvement is possible:

  • Vocal Warm Up
  • Breathing Management
  • Vocal Tone Control
  • Improving Pitch
  • Singing with Power
  • Mixing and Using High Notes
  • Vocal Agility Techniques
  • Strengthening Exercises

Bottom line, to get all the exercises and specific techniques and tips you need, you’ll need some type of lesson.

No you don’t need to hire a coach and go to lessons.

Instead, you can literally learn from an online program.

Here are two reviews on programs I found to be the best, and that you can literally start using in minutes:

Review: Superior Singing Method

Review: Singing Success

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