How to Sing High Notes with No Strain

Avoid Potential Damage

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There's a Safe and Effective Way to Sing Higher and Louder

When you're trying to sing high notes, it might seem a little silly, but you sort of want to try and NOT sing high notes.

Let me explain it a bit better. 

Basically, you want to really try and avoid any tension and straining on your voice. Overdoing it can actually really hurt your voice.

Secondly, another tip which might sound strange is that to reach those high high notes, you actually need less air, not more. That's really one of those insider secrets we came across!

Ideally you want to have a smooth transition from chest power, and head voice.

So to get started, we recommend the tip and exercise from Aaron Anastasi mentioned in the video above.

Through the higher singing notes, it's hard to master it by reading one article or watching one video.

To master this, you really need the proper instruction, and of course a lot of practice.

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