The Complete Singing Success Review

One of the Most Popular Vocal Programs

Update for 2017: We Currently Do NOT Recommend Singing Success

As of 2017, we currently do not recommend Singing Success.

They are in a transition of updating their singing courses, and we haven't been able to test the new programs and give a fair assessment of their value.

We used to recommend Singing Success 360 (as you can see in the old review below), however the price has gone up a lot, and we don't feel it offers as much value as other programs.

We recommend you consider the other top choices on our main singing page



Below is our original review, before changes were made in 2017. We have left it up.

If things change, I will update this page accordingly.


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Have you ever had a job where everyone gets stressed out when the boss is around?

Perhaps you worked at a restaurant and the owners were coming in for a meal, and all the managers were stressing out big time.

The attitudes and personalities of the boss tends to trickle down to every employee. I have many experiences where a good boss or manager totally changes the feeling at work. A good boss can make everyone relaxed, where a bad boss makes everyone super tense and stressed.

But you’re not here for management advice are you? No, you’re searching for a review on the popular vocal training course Singing Success.

Well before I dive into the actual review of the program, I wanted to highlight the founder Mr. Brett Manning.

Just like a good boss can really make or break the environment at work, Brett Manning is hugely responsible for the advancement of Singing Success, and if you’re on the fence about getting the program, you might want to know a bit more about who’s behind it.

Who is Brett Manning, and Should You Hire Him?

Brett Manning

If you’re thinking about purchasing this training, in a way you’re hiring Brett Manning. I personally know that before I hire anyone, whether it’s a dentist, contractor, babysitter, whoever, I definitely want to know a bit more about them.

Brett Manning is the guy that was in your shoes. He came across various lessons and felt he never really got what he wanted.

With lots of perseverance, he encountered a man who taught some super talented singers, and learned some unique and almost secret singing exercises.

He not only transformed his own voice with these special and unique exercises, but he began teaching and sharing this technique with others.

Over years of testing, he eventually put together a set of exercises and developed this program. It has been helping people improve their voice for over 15 years, and it continues to get better. There have been so many students who have used Brett’s methods, and this has allowed him to tweak and constantly improve the training.

The key take away here is that this program has been successful for over 15 years. It’s not some fake training course.

Brett not only teaches amateur singers improve their voices, but he’s worked with many famous and ultra successful singers over the years as well. We're talking Grammy award winning stars.

The New 360 Program

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Who is Singing Success For?

  • Those who want to learn from one of the best programs available
  • You're just a beginner and need lots of help
  • You CAN sing, but want to really take your voice to the next level
  • You're advanced, but need touch ups on high notes, pitch and range

Bottom line, this is really for anyone who wants to improve their singing voice.

The fact is, this is the best training you will find online, and therefore it's one of the few programs that is so highly recommended.

This is not the cheapest course out there, but it's the most professional.

Brett is constantly updating and improving his products. They have just come out with what is called the new Singing Success 360:

What You Get With The Course

The program is made up of close to 30 hours of audio lessons, along with a growing list of video lessons.

These lessons are divided into two main sections: Technique & Style 

The course has been developed from combining all the knowledge Brett Manning has gained after teaching his students for the last several years. The great part is you literally just follow one audio track to the next. It is really presented well.

To get access to these lessons, you can download them, order them on a DVD, or just stream them on the website.

Here are some screenshots of my dashboard area where the lessons are stored:

members dashboard screenshot

members dashboard screenshot

Check Out These REAL Testimonials

I have researched many different types of products online and I can't remember a product or system that has as many positive and REAL testimonials as this one.

There are literally too many to choose, however I have included a testimonial from Briana, Tiffany, and Billy.

Briana uploaded a nice before and after video series. She sings the same song in each video, however the second video is recorded after using the program for 3 months. You can really tell the difference!

Tiffany and Billy have used this program for years and are now very successful singers.

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