How to Make Beats with DJ Programs

DJ mixing board

If you’re searching for how to make beats online, then you’re probably in search of some type of DJ software.

The fact is, unless you have access to a record studio, you’ll need the right piece of software in order to make music.

The how really refers to the proper equipment or program. The actual music side in terms of structure, chorus and so on should not be your main priority at this point. These are things you will figure out as you start producing music.

So don’t put the cart before the horse. Don’t learn song structure before you have your hands on the right tools.

What often happens is people search a “how to” topic and suddenly get discouraged because they encounter a huge list of things they need in order to get started.

When it comes to making music online, you simply need your computer, and a DJ program.
That’s it.

Sure there are other things like speakers and headphones, but to get started right now and to start producing instrumentals in a matter of minutes, you just need a computer and a piece of software.


A DJ Mixer, Plus Practice, Equals Awesome Tracks!

If you want to pump out some wicked beats, then you’ll need the proper piece of equipment. You can review some of the best beat making software here.

Once you have some type of DJ program on your computer, you need to get familiar with it and start practicing.

Getting familiar is not the hard part. The program recommended through this site really lets you learn how to make music on your computer in minutes.

What takes more time, is putting the effort into producing a track and set of instrumentals that has substance.

This can take some time and practice, but with the right tools and passion, there’s no reason why you can’t produce some sick tracks.


No Music Theory? No Worries!

Chances are you’re not interested in creating music for a broadway show, or opera.

If you’re interested in rap, dubstep or other types of similar music, your music theory does not need to be that great.

Sure it helps, and the more you learn the better, but don’t let a lack of music theory stop you from creating and pursuing your music interests.

The truth is, these beat making programs actually do a lot of the work for you in terms of sequencing and supplying you with audio loops and sound kits.

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