Beat Making Software for DJs

Find The Best Online Beat Maker

DJ software for music producers If you think you can only make instrumental beats from a secret underground New York City recording studio, you've been misled.

The truth is, you can actually create wicked rap, dubstep, and all kinds of music beats with programs you can purchase online and use right away on your computer.

Here I want to highlight some of the best beat making software so you can learn how to make beats with a few clicks of a mouse.

Seriously, learning how to make beats is simple and anyone can do it, with the right tools.

The 4 Best Tools for Making Beats

Here is my list of the best beat making software and tools available in 2021.

Yes there are more options that this, but these are honestly the best picks for most people.

If you're a beginner, stick with MAGIX .

If you're not a complete beginner, then consider FL Studio.

If you're on a Mac, then choose Ableton Live 9.

And if you want a hardware controller and software combo, then consider Maschine.

Quick Summary: The Best Beat Making Software for DJs

MAGIX Music Maker
  • Very easy to use, affordable, and great for beginners
  • PC Compatible
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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FL Studio
  • Tons of features making it one of the most popular DAWs
  • PC Compatible
  • Awesome for Complicated Tracks
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Ableton Live
  • One of the most flexible software
  • PC and Mac Compatible
  • For Beginners or Live Performances
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Native Instruments Maschine MK2
  • Best combination of hardware and software tools
  • Easily browse, load, tweak, play, arrange, and automate parameters
  • Control and sequence all of your external hardware instruments
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MAGIX Music Maker

MAGIX music maker logoIf you want to make your own music, MAGIX is definitely the top recommendation.

It’s super easy to use, very affordable, but also very professional.

MAGIX has been in the business of creating music software for years, and has received tons of awards.

Bottom line, you can produce your own beats and songs with just a few clicks. If you’re a beginner this is great because MAGIX has tons of online tutorials to help you get started.

If you’re advanced, you can jump right in a make use of the thousands of sounds, loops and tracks.


  • Top Pick Of The Year

    I recommend MAGIX because it’s probably the best choice for most people. It’s very easy to use, you can download it instantly, and it’s very affordable. No doubt about it, this is the easiest software to use.

  • PC Compatible

    MAGIX Music Maker is for the PC only. It will work on Windows 7, 8 and 10. You can find more specification requirements on the official website. If you have a Mac, I would recommend you use Logic X Pro.

  • Download Instantly - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    You really have nothing to lose with this software. You can download it instantly to your PC, and test it out. If you’re not happy, you have a full 30 days to request a refund.

  • Great Online Tutorials

    There are a few different versions of the software, but no matter which one you choose, there are some very helpful online tutorials to help you get the most out of the product.

  • Affordable & Professional

    MAGIX is not very expensive, especially when compared to other software, however it’s still very professional and comes with a ton of features. I would highly recommend you choose this first, and even if it doesn’t meet your needs, you can always get a refund.

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FL Studio

FL studio logoFL Studio was once named Fruity Loops.

As long as you're not a pure beginner, you will love this software (beginners should check the section below).

There are a ton of features, and with a few clicks of the mouse you can start creating your own beats. It's ideal for those who don't want to buy hardware. Everything can be made with the software and your computer.

It operates on the PC at this time, however FL Studio is working on a version for the Mac as we speak. If you have a Mac, you can use Boot Camp to run this software (many people do this).

  • Great For Most People

    I recommend FL Studios because it’s an awesome piece of software, and it’s a great choice for a lot of people. With 4 versions available, most beat makers will have everything needed to make serious beats without buying hardware.

  • PC Compatible

    At this time, this software is for the PC. However, a version is coming out soon for the Mac. Many Mac users still use FL Studio, however they do it with Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a tool that allows you to install Windows on your Mac.

  • Awesome for Complicated Tracks

    With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can start producing very complicated beats used in trap music and EDM tracks. Overall it’s easy to use, but still allows you to create advanced beats.

  • Not Recommended For...

    If you want to do audio recordings, you’re best to choose other digital audio workstations (DAW). If you want to make music outside of the software, then it’s better to go with a software/hardware combination product, not FL Studio.

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Ableton Live 9

Ableton Live 9Ableton Live 9 is a complete solution to creating music.

You buy the software, download it, and you're ready to go. No DVD, no USB.

It's PC and Mac compatible. 

So it's great for using on your laptop.

That's definitely something to consider for those who are looking into buying a new computer for making music.

Another reason many DJs who travel use this DAW is that the interface fits nicely on a laptop screen which can be essential.

If you're not a pure beginner, and if you want a live performance tool, this is recommended.

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Top DJ Software 2021

FL Studio
  • AKA Fruity Loops
  • Tons of Features with Free Upgrades
  • Easy to Use - No Hardware
  • Not Great for Audio Recording
  • PC Compatible - Mac Coming Soon
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Ableton Live
  • Not Great for Beginners
  • Useful Tutorials Available
  • Amazing Sounds Included
  • Ideal for Experienced DAWs Users
  • Very Complex Software
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The Benefits of Using These Products

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Works for all types of music

With these types of software, you can literally cut out all the costs associated with a recording studio. You don't have to pay thousands of dollars which gives you a fair chance to get your music out there.

With the advancement in technology, there's no need to learn all the know how associated with complicated pieces of equipment. You and a technical master are now on the same playing field because these programs are so easy to use. Technology has advanced so much that you can be as creative as you want without getting held back because you don't know how to work a specific piece of equipment.

These programs work for all types of beats. No matter what type of music you want to produce, these products can help you develop and make music just like a professional record producer.