The Best Online Drum Lessons

Learn the Drums Online in 2021

What's the quickest and most effective way to learn the drums and improve your skills?

The answer is online lessons from the top instructors in the world.

Sounds complicated or expensive?

It isn't.

It's actually simple, thanks to the top recommendation below.

The internet allows you to pay a fraction of what it would cost to hire a personal drumming coach or go to classes each week.

It's way easier these days, and it's tons of fun.

The 5 Top Websites for Online Drum Lessons

Here is my list of the best online drum lesson websites in 2021.

After researching everything about learning the drums, there was one program that clearly stood out.

My top pick below is by far the best option in terms of features and product delivery. I feel their lessons and videos are presented the best by far.

However, the other options do have some great instructors who have loyal students. So as always, take advantage of the free trials, and test them out for yourself!

RankWebsiteLogoSkill LevelPricingBest FeaturesOnline Promotions
1.Drumeodrumeo logoBeginner to Advanced$29 / MonthHands down the best online tool for learning the drums. They are miles past the competition in almost every category. Free Trial:

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2.Mikes Lessonsmikes lessons logoBeginner to Advanced$29.99 / MonthA one man show, Mike offers a lot of great lessons, and has a lot of students who really like his stuff and give him great reviews. No Offers:

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3.180 Drums180 drums logoBeginner to Advanced$8.25 / MonthThe most affordable drum lessons in our list, 180 Drums is continuing to grow and produce lots of great videos. Free Trial:

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4. Drum Channeldrum channel logoBeginner to Advanced$14 / MonthThe focus here is more on sharing drum information with you. It's a mix of education and entertainment for drummers. Free Options:

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5.Artist WorksArtistWorks LogoBeginner to Advanced$23.25 / MonthAccess to 1 on 1 instruction is nice, however they only have 2 teachers and 2 genres of lessons on the drums right now. Free Sample Lessons:

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1. Drumeo

Drumeo offers a membership called Drumeo Edge, and it's my top pick right now. .

Drumeo has been voted as one of the best educational websites, and when you check out their courses, it's not hard to believe.

This is not some $47 dollar ebook on the drums.

This is a state of the art online course, and it's really hard to compare it to the others, because it's so much better in terms of features and content.

You can watch lessons, even live lessons, all from over 100 of the best teachers from around the world, plus there's a full community for support.

Their website lays everything and it's so easy to understand.

Visit the official website here:

  • What You Get

    You get hundreds of hours of video lessons instantly. Every day there’s a live lesson, and there’s over 90 play along songs available.

  • Who's It For?

    This course and membership is for anyone who’s interested in the drums. You don’t need any experience. Pure beginners love this, however experienced players also love the program and community.

  • Do I Need an Internet Connection?

    You need to be online to watch the video lessons, however you can download them, along with sheet music and play along songs. So you don’t need to be online to study the material, however you will need some Internet access.

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Check Out These Other Drumeo Videos

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2. Mike's Lessons

If you ask most of Mike's students, he comes off as a genuine guy.

One complaint that people have about Drumeo is that it has a bigger business type of feel. Granted it works, and has loads of teachers and options, it certainly is more aggressive on the marketing side of things.

Now Mike doesn't give his courses away for free, however you might get that 1 on 1 feel from a single coach. That being said, at the end of the day, if you don't like his teachings for whatever reason, you're kinda screwed.

Again, most people like him, but you really only have 1 option. Anyone can learn anything with the right teacher, so you are limiting yourself a bit with Mike.

  • What You Get

    With a monthly subscription, you get access to all the past lessons, and all the live lessons with question and answer time at the end.

  • Who's It For?

    Mike’s Lessons are probably best for beginners and intermediate drummers. If you’re advanced, you will want to check out Drumeo. Mike offers very focused teaching which is ideal for beginners who can learn the value of practicing.

  • Do I Need an Internet Connection?

    You will need to connect to the internet to access all the archived lessons and the live lessons. You can stream everything to your computer or other devices like smart-phones and i Pads.

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The #1 Factor To Getting Better Right Now!

The truth is, to improve on the drums, you need two things:

Practice, and proper instruction.

Wasting time on YouTube, or reading random articles just won't cut it.

You need a proven set of lessons from professionals, and you need enough to last through all your improvements.

You also need to have access to them whenever you want. The more you practice, the better you get.

But if you're limited to visiting an instructor twice a week, how on earth are you expected to improve as fast as you want to.

The solution will always be: online training from professionals.

The Only Thing Holding You Back

You don't have the time or the money to find an in person coach or school.

Let's face it, you probably live in a town or city where there isn't an award winning drum teacher just waiting for you to come by and practice whenever you want.

And even if that existed, how much would they charge you for entry? Probably a lot!

It doesn't need to be that way anymore.

The number one reason you're not where you want to be in terms of your skills is because you haven't found the right instructor.

But those days are over.

With Drumeo, you literally have access to all the best instructors from around the world, anytime you want.

It's unbelievable, and truly the only way you should be learning music these days. Read the full review here.