The Best Online Singing Lessons

Top Recommendations for 2023

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How to Save $3425.45 on Vocal Lessons...

Honestly, that number could be even higher.

That's just one of the bills I saw my friend pay for in-person vocal lessons.

Can you believe that?

At the time, I was completely shocked!

Over the course of 6 months, I think he probably paid close to $8000.

He was in a band and wanted to improve his voice.

He definitely got better, but I think he overpaid big time.

I don't know about you, but I could not afford to pay that kind of money.

That's why I started researching online lessons. Just like you!

Here's The Good News:

You don't have to pay thousands of dollars to improve your voice. I promise.

Online lessons are extremely affordable, and for many of us, they're much more convenient than traditional in-person lessons.

Over the last few years I have researched many programs, and below I recommend my top 3 choices for online singing lessons.

With the right instruction, anyone can learn how to sing.

I know you can too!

Top Singing Lesson Sites for 2023

RankCourseLogoSkill LevelPricingOfficial Website
1.The 30 Day SingerThe 30 Day Singer LogoBeginner to Intermediate$Check out all the information and sign up for a free trial.

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2.Christina Aguilera's MASTERCLASSMASTERCLASS logoBeginner to Intermediate$$Review all the lessons at the official MASTERCLASS website.

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3.Singorama 2.0Singorama 2.0 logoBeginner to Intermediate$Learn more about the founder of this course and her story.

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1. The 30 Day Singer

Dramatically improve your singing voice by extending your vocal range, work on your breathing technique, and improve your pitch and clarity.
  • Easy to follow 30 day schedule
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced singers
  • Backed by a 30 day guarantee


The 30 Day Singer is the newest course available right now.

It's created by the same team behind the most popular guitar learning program called Guitar Tricks.

Here's the bottom line:

These guys know how to teach music.

There are so many singing programs out there that are so bad it's not even funny.

This is one of my top recommendations because it's created by a super successful company. They have millions of people who take their guitar lessons, and they've produced just as good of course for singers.

  • Super Easy to Follow

    This course is based on a 30 day schedule. Everyday you watch a new video, and there are 30 in total, plus a bonus section. All you need to do is follow along with the instructor, day by day. Each day is a bit more challenging as you progress through the entire video course.

  • Take Your Voice to the Next Level

    This course is ideal for beginners and even those who have taken lessons before. After 30 days, you should notice a big improvement in your voice, and your singing foundation should be solid. From there you can continue to work on the important areas where you need more improvement.

  • Results are Guarannteed

    You really have nothing to lose with this program. If you’re not satisfied with your results after 30 days, you can request a full refund. Again, after reviewing a bunch of programs, you just won’t get anywhere near the value you will with this course. It’s priced so well, and it’s so easy to get results with. I highly recommend it!

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2. Christina Aguilera's MASTERCLASS

Let Christina teach you how to expand your range, find your voice, and master her techniques.
  • Take lessons from Christina at an affordable price
  • 23 video lessons for beginners and even advanced singers
  • Get lifetime access to Christina's Masterclass


Welcome image to Christina Aguilera's MasterclassChristina's MASTERCLASS is the #2 pick.

It's great for beginners, and anyone who's a Christina fan.

What's great about this course is that you're getting insights from a true professional singer.

There's so much value in really getting inside the head of a true vocal master.

You get advice from someone who knows exactly what it takes to become an amazing singer.

MASTERCLASS has really done extremely well at getting these high profile performers to teach us how to master their craft.

  • Very Affordable

    How much do you think it would cost for a one-on-one with Christina? Probably thousands of dollars. With this course, you can take lessons directly from Christina for a very affordable price.

  • 23 Complete Lessons

    This program offers 23 video lessons which are mainly geared towards beginners, however there are a few really cool lessons that even super advanced singers will benefit from.

  • Get Lifetime Access

    This is a course that you can reference and come back to for a long time. You might benefit from a few of the lessons now, and maybe appreciate some of the “performance” lessons later.

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3. Singorama 2.0

Learn not only the techniques but also the ability and the confidence to sing songs that have previously been out of your range.
  • The most comprehensive singing course available
  • Also covers other topics like anxiety, performance, and bad habits
  • Full 60 day money back guarantee


Singorama 2.0Singorama is the #3 pick.

The main difference between this course and the other recommendations above is that there are no video lessons here. There are audio lessons and worksheets.

Many people actually find learning through audio just as easy, if not easier than with video.

The other main difference is that Singorama is really the most comprehensive course available. It has so much information on improving your voice.

If you're looking for the total package and want the most information on this topic, I would recommend you learn more about Singorama.

It's also the most affordable of these top 3 programs, and comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Check out some of the real testimonials on their official website.

  • Very Affordable

    Singorama is the least expensive of these 3 courses. There are no video lessons, however there are audio files and written material. If you don’t feel video is important to learn with, then this is a great alternative.

  • Most Complete Course

    This program is huge. There are close to 30 audio modules, along with ebooks and worksheets. Based on volume of material, this is the biggest.

  • More Than Just Techniques

    Although it does a great job at covering singing exercises and techniques, it also covers other topics like anxiety, performance, bad habits and so on. It’s the total package when it comes to content.

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These days, technology has really allowed you to get access to anyone with a few clicks of a mouse.

Need some training from the best vocal coach on the planet, no problem.

Online programs are in place which allow you to gain the knowledge and secrete singing techniques without having to physically go to lessons.

This convenience is really the main benefit, but also access to the best coaching is the other main advantage.

If you live in a small town, how on earth are you doing to get coaching from someone in Hollywood.

So convenience plus access to the best material is really the main two benefits of these types of singing lessons.

Also, price is another huge factor.

If you have a coach who you see on a regular basis, say once per week, you're paying him/her a lot per session. The price for a single session is sometimes more costly than an entire online training program.

For these main reasons, consider the recommendations above.