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Let’s be honest. The violin is just not as popular when compared to the guitar or the piano.

What this means for lessons, is that there are fewer options.

But guess what? It’s actually better this way.

I’ve found an excellent source for online violin lessons, and it’s really all you need. With the guitar and piano, there are dozens of good options to choose, and you’re left trying to sort through which is best.

With the violin, there is only one source for lessons that I recommend for those who want to learn online.

Enter: Nathan Cole from ArtistWorks

Violin is one of the best websites for learning all types of music, specifically the violin.

Currently, their violin coach is Nathan Cole, an Associate Concert Master. You can learn more about the program on the official website here.

Nathan’s classical violin lessons include practice and exercise routines for all levels, violin solos, orchestral excerpts, and the popular Video Exchange Library.

Without a doubt, this is the best resource for learning this instrument, and the only one I personally recommend.

Why I Recommend ArtistWorks for the Violin

ArtistWorks Logo

ArtistWorks offers the most complete learning experience by combining online lessons with their Video Exchange Library.

This is really the best one on one access you will get from online lessons. There are many other forms of learning online, however ArtistWorks have really put together an impressive system.

You can watch video lessons on their website, but then you can actually submit your own practice videos if you wish. This allows you to get instant feedback from the teacher. This is what their Video Exchange Library is.

Not only can you get personal feedback on your own videos, but you can watch other people’s violin videos they’ve submitted to Nathan. So you can learn from other people’s violin questions and answers.

You can submit the video to Nathan via webcam, phone, iPad or camera. Once you upload the video, you can watch Nathan’s feedback whenever you want. These submission get archived, which allows you to watch other violinists’ videos and learn from them as well.

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Why Online Lessons Are So Beneficial

Let us be a bit blunt here.

The violin is no where near as popular as the piano, guitar, or the drums.

It's actually a much more difficult instrument to play.

Because of this, you can't find a coach or instructor easily. If if you did, do they live in your city or town? Probably not.

You really want to get some instruction from a Master. If we were back say 20 years ago, how would you get lessons from a master violinist?

You're right, you wouldn't.

But now, with the advancement in technology, you can actually have a true violin genius teach you from the comfort of your own home.

That's the true benefit of online lessons. They allow you to learn from anywhere in the world.

If You Want to Learn the Violin,
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Video Exchange Library

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Orchestral Excerpts

Concertmaster Solos

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