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Sing to your girlfriend


Girls love to be romanced.

If you can write poetry, paint pictures, or sing love songs, your girlfriend will be greatly impressed.

And if she’s not your girlfriend yet, being romantic is a great way to make her yours.

Learning how to sing to your girlfriend is a way to stack the brownies on your side. Any time you do something wrong, you can simply serenade her with your words.

So where do you start?

How can you go from no singing skills, to singing romantic love songs to your girl?

Well you’re going to need some help. Instead of going out and spending money on an actual coach who you may only see once a week, you’re better off getting some online singing lessons.

You can literally have hours of HD video lessons on your computer in a matter of minutes.

This way you can study and practice hard for a few weeks, and get instant improvements.

You want to sing to your girl, but you don’t want to do it next year.

The quickest way to improve your voice is through training you can access instantly from your computer.

Then practice as much as you need to until you’re happy with your new voice, then choose a love song and impress that girl!

The Singing Program Recommended This Year

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After researching all the training available, I really only recommend 1 program now:

The 30 Day Singer.

Many guys in your position have used these systems in order to become a better singer and sing to their lady.

Once you get a system and start using it, you’ll need to find the right song to sing. Below are some links to some of the best love songs.

Love Songs to Sing to Her

Check out these resources for finding the right song for her.

50 greatest love songs
15 meaningful songs to dedicate to your girlfriend
Top 10 love songs that are easy to sing

If you want to master these love songs, then you need to improve your voice.

Get a program, practice, and sing to that girl of your dreams.

Good luck!