Karaoke Machines and Systems

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karaoke systemsKaraoke has come a long way from singing in dark dungy bars.

These days there are tons of ways you can sing karaoke, and new products keep coming out with upgrades.

You no longer need to head out to the bar to sing all your favorite songs. You can perform with all your friends in the comfort of your own home, and this can be done with physical karaoke machines or done online with karaoke websites and software.

Here I'm going to outline all the best karaoke systems you can buy for your living room as well as the software or online karaoke membership sites you can join and sing online with.

The systems are really like any other type of product: there's a range of models available that differ in price based on their features. You can get a professional system which costs hundreds of dollars, or you can get a karaoke player designed for kids which retails for around 50 bucks.

So for this section we've outlined the best selling products and you can check out some real consumer reviews through the links below.

Best Selling Singing Machines

Akai KS808 CD+G Karaoke System with Speaker Pedestal

karaoke machineThis is definitely one of the more advanced options out there, and although it looks like it's meant for only adults, kids of all ages can still have fun with it. There are a lot extra options along with a stylish set up that adults of all kinds will appreciate as well.

There's a color screen, a record and playback option, and the sound quality has received a lot of positive reviews. Set up is very easy.

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The Brand "Singing Machine" Makes Some of the Most Popular Products

Singing Machine

Singing Machine has a line of music products which get great reviews. If you're not interested in a super high tech unit like the one outlined above, then you might want to consider some of the systems offered by this brand.

One of the most popular products they have is the SML-385 (pictured to the right). They also specialize in microphones which they are really well known for.

Karaoke Players for Kids

Singing Machine SML-283P CDG is something you should consider.

This is an affordable player that is great for children who love to sing. They can put in a CD and sing along to the music. It comes with a microphone and is 1 foot by 1 foot in size.

It makes a great birthday gift and it's ideal for those you want to encourage their child to pursue music as a hobby.

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Online Karaoke Software and Membership Sites

If you don't want to buy a physical system, you can sing all the songs you want right online. There are libraries you can access online which have thousands of the best karaoke songs for you to sing whenever you want.

If you're looking to lots of fun and might not be serious enough to get online singing lessons, these sites can really provide you with all the music you need to help you improve your voice and just have a blast.

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