Online Ukulele Lessons

The #1 Recommendation for Beginners

Whether you're looking for online ukulele lessons, or in person lessons, you're not left with a lot of choices.

Compared to say online guitar lessons, where there are frankly too many resources to choose, the ukulele just doesn't have that same saturation if you will.

But that doesn't mean there aren't any good teachers out there!

If you're interested in learning how to play the ukulele, I have a great recommendation for online lessons.

Enter: Craig & Sarah from ArtistWorks

My only recommendation for taking ukulele lessons online is from a website called

Their ukulele school is run by Craig Chee and Sara Maisel. Together they have created the ultimate resource for those who are interested in improving their ukulele skills.

Bottom line, you just won't find another online resource like this. Trust me.

This is the Best Resource for Ukulele Lessons

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Not only are there very few ukulele resources out there, there are very few music resources in general that do what these lessons do.

Let me explain.

All the music lessons at ArtistWorks are set up the same. They’re run by professional teachers who have created hundreds of video lessons. The lessons range from beginner lessons, all the way up to advanced techniques.

But what sets these programs apart from literally every other music learning resource out there is something called Video Exchange Learning.

With this feature in place, you’re basically in Hawaii learning the ukulele with Chris and Sara. You get all the benefits of in person lessons, but without the costs or travel expenses (Hawaii is a long flight for most people).

The Video Exchange feature allows you to record yourself, upload the video, and get personal feedback from Chris and Sara. They will watch your video, give you feedback, and you don’t need to leave your home for any of it.

Not only can you watch your own feedback and improve upon their suggestions, you can also watch other student videos and check out the feedback they’ve received. It’s basically one big ukulele class that you can access online, 24/7.

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Why Online Lessons Are So Beneficial

Compared to other instruments, the ukulele is not very popular.

Think of all the demand for guitar and piano lessons. Because these are so popular, there are dozens of learning websites, apps, and many more local teachers.

With the ukulele, there are really only a few good websites out there, and most people will never find a teacher in their local area. They just don't exist.

That's why a website like is so valuable. They have rounded up two of the best teachers in the world, and together are delivering an excellent learning experience.

You just won't find a better resource online.

If You Want to Learn the Ukulele,
There isn’t a Better Team to Teach You


Hundreds of Video Lessons

Personal Feedback

Video Exchange Library





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