DJ Turntable Buying Guide: Best Picks for 2017

top 8 DJ turntables

For making music, getting the right gear is half the battle, wouldn’t you agree? Whether it’s a microphone system or a simple DI box for my guitar, I know first hand how important quality is when buying musical equipment. This is why I’ve spent hours researching the 3 main types of DJ turntables, and have…

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The 4 Best Analog Synthesizers for Awesome Sounds and Great Value

best analog synthesizers

Let’s be real: Analog Synthesizers are awesome, and over the last few years they’ve gotten really advanced. Today, you can get your hands on anything from a palm-sized synth to a classic synthesizer without breaking the bank. But here’s the deal: There has been a lot of debate about digital synthesizers versus analog synthesizers. Digital synths…

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Buying Guide: Computer and Laptop Recommendations for Making Music

best computers for making music

When it comes to creating music, you need the proper tools. Slash doesn’t rock out a guitar solo on a $50 guitar does he? Bottom line: When you start to get serious about creating music, you need a good computer. I promise you will not regret it. I bit the bullet a few years ago…

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3 Portable Digital Recorders You Need to Consider

portable digital recorders

If you’re here for quality, then you’re here for the right reason… Let me explain: One of the often forgotten devices that used to be huge not so long ago, are these portable digital recorders. Now that every phone has this ability, you no longer have to go and get specialized devices to record sound…

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The Best Wireless Microphone Systems on the Market

Best Wireless Microphone systems

These days everything is becoming wireless, would you agree? Even though wired systems are still generally considered to be the standard, wireless technology is making its way into the music and entertainment industry. You might be wondering: What took so long? Well the whole issue with early model wireless systems was the cost of creating…

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The Best Direct Boxes for Electric Guitars

3 of the best direct boxes for electric guitars

I hope you’re thinking about using a direct box (DI) for your electric guitar. Here’s the deal: DI boxes are among those things that only a handful of guitar players use, but all of us could benefit from. Even though these devices serve a single purpose that is often overlooked, a DI box becomes a…

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The Best Studio Subwoofer Recommendations

the best studio subwoofers

A subwoofer is going to make your life more enjoyable, trust me. Even if you’re not a music producer. But if you are, you’ll know that music production mainly revolves around two things: Your talent, and the type of equipment you have. The latter is a bit more confusing to most aspiring producers because this part…

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SubPac Wearable Physical Sound System Reviews

subpac physical wearable system reviews

I bet you’re not quite sold on these physical sound systems yet, right? I wasn’t either, but here’s the deal: Wearable tech is definitely the next logical step in the evolution of modern devices. That being said: I didn’t quite expect something like the stuff SubPac has recently released. In the majority of cases, when someone…

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4 Simple Guitar Chords Every Beginner Needs to Know

4 Beginner Guitar Chords

You can’t drive a car without wheels right? Well, you can’t play a song on the guitar without chords. As a beginner, you need to master some basic chords. It turns out that there are 4 easy chords to get started with, and we’ll cover those here. You might be wondering: What is a chord anyways?…

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Find Out Exactly What Online Guitar Lessons Teach You

So someone recommended online guitar lessons eh? Whether you saw an add on Facebook, or perhaps you noticed me recommending them somewhere else on this website, you’re here to find out what they are. I’ll quickly cover this for you in 5 sections: 3 Quick Benefits (Infographic) What You Get How They’re Presented What You Learn Which…

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