Best Condenser Mic for Lead Vocals and Home Recording

best condenser mic

Recording good lead vocals takes much more than a beautiful voice. And there is only so much that even an experienced engineer can do with harsh, distorted, and clipped vocals. The quality of your vocals depends largely on how well your microphone captures your voice and arrests the negative elements in your recording environment. Your…

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The Best Keyboard Amp for Live Performances

top 5 keyboard amps

Nothing beats the thrill of a live band performance. Unless, of course, you are the drowned out keyboardist who can’t hear yourself play. You know you need your own dedicated amp because the other players with louder instruments always play over your keyboard. It sucks.  But with so many options out there, it can be…

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Best All-In-One AV Mixer for Small Event Filming and Live Streaming

best all in one av mixer

Video content is a hot topic right now. Google’s data suggests half of all millennials would stop whatever they are doing to watch a video. And it’s not just regular, recorded video. There is a growing, captive audience that prefer their video content streamed live. In short, video works. As a video content creator, you…

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How to Sing Like Rihanna

how to sing like rihanna

Rihanna’s so special, that we all want what she’s got. But how can you imitate someone who is always changing, always keeping us guessing, and most of all… Always unique? You guessed it, the best way to imitate her is to not imitate her at all, but work at perfecting your own unique voice. But…

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The Best USB Microphone for Rapping

USB mics for rappers

You have penned what you are sure will be your ticket to the big stage. And you are confident you will blow those hard-to-please record label execs away. But putting it all down on tape, your rap bars just don’t sound right on this home studio setup you have right now. You are stumped… Yet…

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How to Sing Like Mariah Carey

how to sing like mariah carey

Few singers claim the title of “Diva” like Mariah Carey. Possessing a vocal range wider than any present recording artist, and capable of amazingly technical melismas, it’s no wonder so many would-be divas look up to her. But you may think: Are such diva-quality vocals only possible for someone born with amazing pipes? Is it…

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Magix Music Maker Review

magix music maker

Choosing a DAW when you know very little about them is daunting. Making matters worse: Now there are so many of them that few stand out. Everyone has their favorite, which, because you may not agree with their taste in music, or approach to music production, won’t necessarily tick all the boxes for you. Today…

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How to Sing Like Selena Gomez

how to sing like selena gomez

She sounds like an angel singing Heart Wants What It Wants. And for millions of would-be singers, the heart wants to sound like Selena Gomez. But what is it about her singing that makes it so “want-able”? After all, she doesn’t deliver powerhouse vocals like Mariah, Whitney, or Adele. There’s something elusively awesome about Selena’s…

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Best DAW for Beginners (Digital Audio Workstation)

best DAW for beginners

So you are dead set on becoming a music producer? …and now know you can put together the 5 things you need to start making your own beats for just $300! Time to cross one of those – DAW software – off the list. Today I will walk you through the best DAW options available…

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5 Things Most Pianists Never Learn (And Why You Should)

5 things piano players never learn

You want to be the best pianist you can be, right? While most pianists learn the basics, like reading music and chords, even veteran pianists often don’t learn the things we’ll talk about in this post. We’re going to talk about 5 things most pianists never actually learn, and how you can master them! I’ll…

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