Guitar cable buying guide

Huge tip:

Don’t buy cheap guitar cables.

If there is one electric guitar accessory that is often overlooked, it has got to be the cables.

Even though it is the only link you have between your instrument, effect pedals, and the amplifier, so many guitar players just get the cheapest thing they can find.

There are a lot of issues with doing things that way. Least of which is the quality of the signal you are feeding to the amp.

Cheap cables also tend to feature very weak insulation, meaning that you are getting a whole lot of radio and electromagnetic interference.

There’s also the issue of cables simply failing.

Even though it’s a relatively basic component, guitar cables are still assembled using a number of crucial elements. In order to avoid potential problems I have selected five of the best guitar cables on the market for you to check out.

RankCable Brand
2.GLS Audio
3.KLIQ Music Gear
5. ChromaCast

1. Monster M ROCK2-12

Monster guitar cablesThe first cable on the list comes from Monster.

The M-Rock 2 actually offers one of the best designs possible for guitar cables.

They have combined every quality component out there to form an extremely capable and durable piece of instrument cabling.

Starting from the connectors, we are looking at custom made units that utilize 24k gold plated contacts.

Connectors are soldered to the cable in a way that reduces the risk of connection breaking at this portion of the cable, quite significantly.

The cable itself comes in the form of a solid center core conductor that is wrapped in a polymer insulation and then thick braiding. These two layers aren't only offering protection from physical damage, but they also greatly reduce the impact of interference on your signal.

With all that said, the Monster's M Rock 2 is not the cheapest thing out there, however, you definitely get what you paid for.

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2. GLS Audio 20 Foot Guitar Instrument Cable

GLS Audio guitar cablesMoving down the line we see a great 20 footer from GLS Audio.

This is a more standardized version of a braided cable that might lack some of the features of the Monster model I have shown you above. However, it is still more than capable of providing you with great performance all around.

The cable features standard metal connectors packed in a metal casing.

Leads are soldered securely and won't break due to vibrations or rough handling.

On top of that, the cable features multiple layers of insulation. The conductive core is wrapped into an OFC protective PVC shield that is conductive.

Also, GLS audio added a thick layer of tweed cloth braiding, making the entire cable more than durable. That's a good thing considering how much abuse 20-foot cables tend to take, both on and off the stage.

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3. KLIQ Guitar Instrument Cable

KLIQ guitar cablesThe braided cable from KLIQ's custom series is by far one of the best bang-for-the-buck options you have at the moment.

This is a 10-foot cable, meaning that it will work just fine in most environments, but may not be all that suitable for serious stage use. However, the quality of the cable is definitely on point.

We are looking at a braided cable that comes with professional grade connectors and a pretty decent amount of insulation.

Connectors are housed in a half metal and half plastic casing.

The main thing many guitar players worry about with this type of design is the wear on the cable where it enters the connector housing. For the most part, all those doubts are more than reasonable.

Should you worry about this specific cable? Not at all.

On the contrary, you can be certain that it will stay in one piece and in work mode thanks to its quality braiding.

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4. Neewer Durable Guitar Cable

Neewer guitar cablesMoving into more standard cable designs, we find the Neewer Durable guitar cable.

When we say "standard", we mean a classic rubber jacket and no braiding. If you are looking for a budget friendly 10-footer, this is the one you will want to check out.

For one, the connectors are pure quality and one of them is angled at 90 degrees. This means that you can plug the cable into your guitar and exert no stress on that portion of the rubber jacket.

Connectors themselves are all metal with a metal spring acting as a bend guard.

The level of insulation you can expect from one of these is fairly decent but not as good as our previous mentions.

With that said, bang for the buck, this thing is a great choice.

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5. ChromaCast Pro Series Cables CC-PSCBLSS-10VC

ChromaCast guitar cablesThe last cable on our list comes from ChromaCast and represents their solution for a standard instrument cable.

We are talking that same old naked jacket, only this time it is made of quality PVC.

The way they have designed the connectors on this cable is pure awesomeness.

Instead of having a short plastic strain relief, they have actually moulded that into the connector casing. This way you get a lot of support at the part of the cable which is most likely to give way first.

Plugs on this thing come with a copper tip which goes straight to heavy duty soldered leads.

For a classic cable design, ChromaCast Pro Series Cable definitely brings a decent amount of insulation and protective features.

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Which Cable is Right For You?

Investing in good cables a sure-fire way to ensure your signal integrity always remains near 100%.

If you are not sure whether or not to get a braided cable, just remember that more insulation from interference means cleaner tone and much better responsiveness of your guitar.

If your budget allows: you should always go for the braided variety.

Models I have shown you here are by far some of the best guitar cables you can get at the moment, and for a good reason as well.

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