Guitar capo buying guide

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a pretty good guitar player.

So I’m going to jump straight to our list and avoid explaining in detail what a guitar capo is.

But if you are wondering why you should have one of these in your gig bag or guitar tool box, the answer is simple.

Imagine having to change the tuning of your guitar for a specific song. Now imagine there being many such songs with different tunings.

Are you going to actually tune your guitar for each of these every time you want to play them?

No, it is much easier to just pop on a capo and enjoy yourself.

Guitar capos work by shortening the neck and making the fret next to the one you have placed a capo on, the new first fret.

Yes yes I know, you probably already knew all this.

The problem however is there are many capos out there, and some do NOT fit the requirements nor the quality standards necessary for smooth playing.

Therefore I’m going to show you 5 of the best capos out there which are definitely worth buying.

RankCapo Brand
5. Top Stage

1. Shubb S1 Stainless Steel Guitar Capo

shubb guitar capoShubb’s S1 capo is probably one of the best affordable old school models you can find.

The main difference between an old school and more modern capos is in the way they are mounted on your guitar.

The one we are looking at here features an adjustment knob which dictates the amount of force exerted on the neck. This means that you will always have a constant amount of pressure, no matter where you place the capo.

Stainless steel and a very decent build quality and overall quality of materials make the S1 a perfect choice for those who need a bit more from their capos.

On top of that, it’s not expensive at all, although it is on the upper end of the scale compared to other capos on the market.

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2. Kyser KG6B 6 String Capo

kyser guitar capoThe KG6B from Kyser represents the modern style of guitar capos.

Instead of using a tension knob to adjust the amount of pressure, these use a simple clamp mechanism. This allows you to install and remove a capo from your guitar within seconds.

Here’s where the trouble starts as well:

Without a way to adjust the amount of pressure on the neck, the spring loaded mechanism of a clamp-on capo needs to be very consistent. Otherwise, you will get different results every time you decide to put this thing on your guitar.

The KG6B doesn’t have these issues. Instead, it applies an equal amount of force on the portion of the neck where you choose to mount it. This way you have a fast way to shorten your neck that will work every time.

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3. xGuitarx x3

xGuitarx guitar capoThe design features of xGuitarx’s x3 capo can be considered a standard.

However, unlike many of the similar models, the x3 actually works consistently.

Its manufacturer, xGuitarx has managed to do this by using high-quality materials while still maintaining the price at a reasonable level.

This thing comes in two colours, but what matters more is the type of padding that comes into contact with your guitar.

This company has gone to great lengths to ensure that their capos won’t damage the finish on your guitar. That consistent amount of pressure is courtesy of a quality spring loaded clamp that exerts more than enough pressure on the strings.

The whole capo is pretty light weight thanks to its aircraft aluminum body.

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4. Scheffland Music Productions

Scheffland guitar capoThe next model is more or less identical to the xGuitarx one we have just talked about.

The Scheffland has used the very same design, pretty much the same materials and the exact same principle of operation. It is hard to determine which one of the two is better or more reliable.

What's great is that the xGuitarx and Scheffland capos are pretty reliable.

However, there is one thing about the latter that makes it a lot more attractive.

The Scheffland actually offers a lifetime warranty on their capos, meaning that you are getting a super low-risk accessory for your guitar. T

his additional safety net will cost you a fraction more compared to the xGuitarx model we have mentioned above. Is it worth that extra cost?

Most definitely.

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5. Top Stage

Top Stage guitar capoLast but not least we have a very budget friendly solution from Top Stage.

Their capo is different from the previous models we have mentioned in a number of ways.

The first thing you will notice is the fact that the body of this capo is partially made of plastics. Even so, it is capable of exerting just enough force on the neck to be considered a good capo.

All of that leads to its price, which is half as that of the capo we have previously talked about.

The intended range of applications for this model is fairly limited, though. Its manufacturer claims this thing can be used in professional environments, but I just don’t see it.

In my opinion, the Top Stage Acoustic / Electric capo is only viable if you are a beginner trying to get familiar capos in general, this is your best option.

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These 5 Options are All Worth Considering

At the end of the day, capos are a fun piece of equipment that allows you to expand the range of what your guitar can do.

The ones I have shown you here are by far some of the best ones you can get at the moment.

Some of them are modern while others feature a pretty old design that is still in use today.

Which one will offer you the performance you need is going to depend on your requirements. However, it is safe to say that most of these models are more than capable of keeping up with you even if you use capos pretty extensively.

If you haven’t used one of these devices, then you should give it a try and expand your guitar skills.

A capo is just a great deal of fun on top of giving your guitar another layer of versatility.

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