Guitar strap buying guide

I’ll admit it:

There was a time when I didn’t think guitar straps were that important.

But the day you need to rely on one, you better hope it’s good.

People usually tend to cheap out, even though this is a pretty important piece of gear.

Why are straps so important?

You will understand why the moment you drop your guitar to the floor for the first time.

Or play a long session with a crap strap. Not fun.

Investing in a good guitar strap not only eliminates the risk of this ever happening, but it also ensures that you are going to be comfortable when you play.

When it’s time to do a full set on a stage, comfort becomes a pretty real factor.

Because of this, I have chosen 7 awesome guitar strap models for you to check out.

Each of these is safe, and offers a good amount of support as well as comfort.

Let’s take a look.

Walker & Williams F-06

walker and williams guitar strapLeather straps are always a good way to go.

This material is least prone to fatigue and tearing, plus a well-made leather strap will keep your guitar in place pretty comfortably.

This model from Walker & Williams is a perfect example of a stylish leather strap done right. They’ve used quality leather and spiced it up with a nice gator pattern.

On top of that, the whole strap is padded.

In terms of leather straps, this one is fairly affordable which a big plus.

If you are worried about its length, the F-06 is adjustable anywhere from 47 inches to 52 inches. That should be more than enough to cover a variety of heights and playing positions.

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Perris Leathers DL325S-201

Perris leather guitar strapSpeaking of quality leather straps, Perris Leathers offers a unique design made of sheepskin.

The outer layer features soft suede while the side that comes into contact with your body is padded with trimmed sheep hide.

In other words, you get all the padding you could ever need, and it is perfectly natural.

The only real downside to this strap is its length. If you are using a standard guitar height, you shouldn't have a problem.

However, those who like to have their guitars riding low will find this strap to be too short.

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KLIQ AirCell

KLIQ guitar strapKLIQ is a company that makes a whole variety of guitar related accessories.

Among their current offerings, I have found this awesome strap.

What makes the AirCell design so special is its unique padding. You are looking at air cells which adapt to your shoulder, offering a whole new level of comfort.

If you haven't figured out by now, AirCell is a synthetic strap. It's 3 inches wide and made of neoprene.

Among its cool features, you will find its ability to reduce sweating. Due to all the space between the air cells, your shoulder has enough ventilation to prevent sweating which is important for some players.

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Mugig Guitar Strap

Mugig guitar strapMuch like KLIQ, Mugig is also a brand that is present in a number of guitar related segments of the market.

Their guitar strap represents are pretty affordable real leather solution that gives a little extra in terms of comfort.

It is fully adjustable and allows anywhere from 50 inches to 57 inches in length.

Even though the design is pretty basic in nature, Mugig added a layer of padding between the leather sides, making it extremely comfortable for such an affordable model.

If you are looking for a cheap yet durable strap, this solution from Mugig is something you should definitely consider.

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Taylor Guitars Chocolate Suede Strap

taylor guitar strapsThose fans of Taylor's acoustic guitars will love the way this strap looks.

Taylor designed it specifically for use with their guitars, which can be concluded by taking a single look at the holes on each end.

They were cut out to fit Taylor's strap pins.

This is a suede strap, so there is absolutely no risk of damage to your guitar with this thing one.

On top of that, this is one of the more comfortable models in the lightweight category.

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Planet Waves Alchemy

Planet Waves guitar strapPlanet Waves offers one of the coolest standard straps on the market.

They have called up Alchemy Gothic from Leicester, a well known gothic jewelry shop, and asked them to design a guitar strap. What you see here is the result of that effort.

The strap is pretty basic in nature but rather comfortable.

The top side features a 'hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil' theme presented in form of skulls.

While most of the strap is synthetic, the ends are made of high-quality leather.

Overall, this is a pretty durable and reasonably affordable choice.

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HellsBelts 'Regulator" Bullet Guitar Strap

HellsBelts guitar strapLast but not least, I want to show you one of the more outlandish strap designs.

A regulator from HellsBelts is a quality leather strap that features one very unique detail.

To be more exact, it comes with a belt of real 223 ammo stitched to one of its sides. We are talking real metal links, real cartridges, the whole nine yards.

Naturally, the ammunition that comes with the strap is inert and poses no risk to the user or anyone else.

If you are looking for a comfortable strap that also packs a very high cool factor, this is a model you definitely need to check out.

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Always Consider Durability and Comfort

The most important things to keep in mind while choosing the strap are its durability and comfort.

Everything else should come second.

The straps I have shown you here are mostly made of leather. I put an emphasis on this type of strap because it is simply better in all aspects than its synthetic counterpart.

Speaking of which, synthetic straps are usually going to be more versatile and flexible in terms of length.

However, aside from a few great models, going with leather is almost always going to be a better choice.

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