A lot people wonder if they can teach themselves to sing.

I hate to be harsh, but most people just can’t get this done. I know from personal experience.

Before I took the plunge and signed up for online lessons, I wasted hours and hours trying to learn how to sing by myself.

Some of the options that I had, and you may have tried:

  • Watching YouTube videos
  • Reading “how-to-articles”

You can literally waste so much time on these two sources alone.

YouTube Is Great…. But

YouTube is a wonderful source of information, however when it comes to learning how to sing, it will only get you so far.

You might find a few nuggets of information, but improving your voice requires you to really build it from the ground up, and in all areas. Learning a quick tip, or a certain tactic is great, but there’s so much more to singing than that.

Another problem with YouTube is that there’s no real structure. To improve your voice, you need a step by step plan, a progression of exercises. This is how it works, and all you need to do is ask someone who’s improved their voice and they’ll tell you it’s true.

How To Articles Don’t Work

Any good how to article about singing will do one thing: It will recommend you find yourself a singing coach.

That’s just the truth. You can’t learn how to sing from an article.

You need to get a program, course, or online lesson membership.

That’s just the way it is.

Your Options Moving Forward

You can only teach yourself to sing through the guidance of a singing coach.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to go out and find yourself an in-person singing coach. For most people, that option is just not doable.

For starters, singing coaches are very expensive. Secondly, you might not have access to one in your local area.

So instead of trying to teach yourself to sing with YouTube videos and how to articles, consider signing up for some online singing lessons.

Tyler S
Tyler S

I'm Tyler, the webmaster here at VoicesInc.org. My passion is music, and my job is to supply reviews and articles about all the different ways you can learn and produce music online. I hope you find this website helpful.