Singing lessons from Christina Aguilera

Who wants to learn how to sing with coaching from Christina Anguilera?

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it. Well apparently she’s set to offer singing lessons through MasterClass in the spring of 2016.

Here is a video teaser:


What We Know So Far:

  • Costs will be $90
  • Over 20 videos
  • 3.5 hours of teaching
  • Spring 2016

So how does this stack up to other instructional courses? And is this recommended over some singing programs which have really mastered the art of teaching people how to sing?

The thing to remember is although Christina Anguilera has probably got some help creating the material in her course, she hasn't always been a singing instructor.

This sort of reminds me when people who are really good at something, try to teach others, and it doesn't always work.

There have been many coaches who were ex athletes that just couldn't coach a team very well. Sure they're great players, but when it comes to teaching, well they just don't have the same set of skills.

Will this happen with Christian's course, who knows? Is this her new full time career? Probably not.

What we do know, is that it's pretty hard to get better value than what's offered now from Aaron's Superior Singing Method program and guide.

This is a guy who's been teaching for YEARS, and has refined a program to help people of all levels improve their voice.

Looking past the fame of Christina as the instructor, it's hard to believe that she's going to offer better value in her course than Aaron.

Remember, what worked for her might not necessarily work for you. I would much rather get instruction from someone who's made a career out of teaching others, rather than someone who's made a career out of singing alone.

Although this seems really cool, I think we'll stick to our recommended programs which continue to get great reviews.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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