If you’re wondering about the cost of JamPlay, I have a few answers for you.

So let’s tackle those and then I’ll give my opinion on whether the program is worth getting.

Here is the breakdown of the costs: 

  • Monthly Membership: $19.95 ($0.67 / day)
  • Quarterly Membership: $49.95 (save $39.60)
  • One Year Membership: $159.95 (some holiday sales you can get 1 year for $109.95)

As with all types of memberships, you save a lot when you buy the full year in advance, and JamPlay does offer a full 100% money back guarantee for the first 7 days.

There are some summer, Christmas and Holiday Sales where you can get a full year membership for $109.95. Click here to see if they have a sale going on right now.

Try JamPlay for Free!

What a lot of people don’t know is that you can actually get a free trial membership for 7 days.

They don’t display this on their homepage, however I have access to a link where you can sign up. No money down, just your email. Click here for a free trial membership.

Free trial of JamPlay

Is it Worth Getting?

I've written quite a few articles about the advantages of video websites vs. some alternatives likes guitar learning apps.

Bottom line, everyone learns a bit differently. However, in my opinion, programs like JamPlay offer so much more value because of the huge amounts of content they offer, and how they present their lessons. It's the closest thing to real in person lessons.

So it's totally worth getting, and what's great is that you have so many options. Consider a monthly membership where you can cancel anytime. Buy a full year to save the most amount of money. Or just start with a free trial to see if you enjoy the program.

It's totally worth trying, and I highly recommend you give it a go!

Tyler S
Tyler S

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