When people begin to ask questions about preparing for an audition, there’s usually two scenarios going on.

1, you have an audition coming up and you’re nervous.

Or 2, you actually want to know how to prepare your voice and improve it for the upcoming audition.

So, problem #1 we can work on right away, and I have a great video for this. However for problem #2, we can’t fix this overnight. But I do have a recommendation for you.

First, let’s tackle this issue of stage fright in regards to your up and coming audition.

You can be relieved to know that this is completely normal.

If you’re nervous for this audition, don’t worry, that’s a normal feeling. Even the top performers in the world still get nervous.

And there’s a cool saying that says, if you’re scared, you’re doing it right. In these situations, fear is a sign that you need to follow through.

To help eliminate some of this nervous energy will require you to be prepared.

If you remember from school, those tests that you studied so hard for, turned out to be really easy, and you were probably not too worried about them.

However, if you ever went into a test or exam and you knew you didn’t prepare enough, I bet the feeling wasn’t so good. These same scenarios can occur with auditions.

So we want to get you prepared.

What Does it Mean to be Prepared?

  • Know your song inside and out
  • Have your clothes pick out
  • Arrive early
  • Get a good night sleep
  • Drink plenty of water

But what about your actual singing voice?

Is it prepared enough right now?

How Good is Your Sing Voice Right Now?

As long as you don’t have an audition tomorrow, you can greatly improve it with a bit of proper instruction.

Many people who are going into an audition are at very different skill levels. If you haven’t had any proper coaching from respectable singing coaches, then getting this instruction could be very beneficial for you.

I remember that I thought I was able to teach myself how to sing better by searching on YouTube and reading articles on tone, pitch and so on.

The truth is, it wasn’t until I actually got some proper instruction from a trained coach, that my singing voice really improved.

I’ve Never Taken In Person Lessons

The truth is, I’ve improved my voice, just like thousands of other people have, with online lessons.

The main reason is that I couldn’t find a local teacher, and I couldn’t afford one.

With online lessons, you can literally start learning and improving your voice instantly.

If you need to prepare and improve your voice for an upcoming audition, my best advice would be to literally get some lessons online.

If you have no idea where to start with these, take my #1 recommendation into consideration and learn more about my online coach Aaron Anastasi here. 

He is by far the best person to help you improve your voice, and you can start right now. Check out his program here. 

Tyler S
Tyler S

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