Is it possible to improve your singing voice in a week?

How about singing better in 3 minutes?

The truth is it’s definitely possible, but keep things in perspective. You can’t go from a terrible voice to a great voice in a week.

You need time to practice and improve.

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But you can certainly improve your voice by learning some new techniques, and your results can be seen instantly.

As the below video demonstrates, doing an exercise 3 minutes a day can help you improve over time.

Many beginners struggle with voices cracks, and the technical term refers to falling in and out of falsetto.

Voice cracks are never good, especially for singers. They can be embarrassing. When vocal chords blow apart with too much air, your voice cracks.

So the exercise for helping with this is “mums”. Watch the video:

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Certain techniques can give you instant results.

So it's definitely possible to sing better in a week, and as you can see here, in a few minutes you can improve.

I like to share these videos and exercises, but I also want to stress that building up your "singing toolbox" with quick shortcut exercises and random techniques is not always the best path to a great voice.

It's always better to get a strong foundation, then add these various quick success tools.

What's the Best Way to Sing Better Overall

The Singing Success ProgramThe people who really improve their voice are not relying on quick fixes.

Sure the above techniques help, but they're only a small part of the whole puzzle.

To really see results, I would recommend you get some proper instruction and coaching.

Now, this doesn't mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on a personal singing coach, or drive across the city for lessons.

I'm recommending you learn from my singing coach, and his online course.

His name is Aaron (from the video above), and I have created a full overview on his coaching techniques and program. You can read about it here. 

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