I know the title of this article is a bit bold, but it’s true.

If you’re looking for online video lessons for the bass, JamPlay is your answer.

There are tons of other popular guitar lesson websites and programs, however JamPlay is really the only source for quality lessons on the bass.

What’s great is that all the positive reviews you’ll read about JamPlay’s guitar program apply to their bass program as well.

There are a few other DVD courses that have received some good reviews, however if you’re looking for the most up to date lessons that you can watch online, JamPlay is the way to go.

What Do You Get?

The benefits of going with JamPlay is that you get so much more content, and it’s basically on demand. You can watch HD video lessons anytime you want.

The lessons are filmed in a professional studio with some of the best instructors from around the world. You can even stream the lessons to your mobile devices.

The structure of these bass lessons are the same as the guitar lessons.

They are based on:

  • Skill level
  • Styles
  • Songs
  • Artists

Below I have included two sample lessons from instructors at JamPlay. The first video is for beginners, while the second is a bit more advanced.

These samples help demonstrate the quality with this program:

Avoid Watching Random Videos

You might notice that JamPlay has a ton of videos on YouTube, and some of them are geared towards the bass.

The main problem with relying on free YouTube videos is that you won’t get the structure you need on a particular lesson, and you’re missing out on so many other features. They’re a great way to see some lessons in action, but here are a few things you can only get from the JamPlay website:

  • Interactive Tabs and Notations
  • Custom Progress Reports
  • Large Scale Library
  • Additional Learning Material
  • Slow Motion Options
  • Video Bookmarks and Customization
  • Support from Thousands of Members

Who are These Lessons For?

Many people think this program is only for beginners, however that’s not true.

There is a wonderful section for bass beginners, however there is also a large section on specific styles and songs that intermediate to advanced players can practice with.

How Much Do They Cost?

The price on a JamPlay bass membership is the same as a guitar membership.

Often times there is a sale happening where you can save $40 dollars on a year membership. Click here to visit JamPlay’s sale page.

This membership does not include the guitar section, however you can upgrade to include both guitar and bass lessons for a reduced price.

Click the button below to see a full list of membership prices and any sales happening right now:

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