Senior man playing the guitarYou’re never too old to learn the guitar.

You may have heard this before and it’s true. There are plenty of guitar players who are well over 60 years old and they sound great.

So learning is not the hard part. It really boils down to how are you going to learn. What tool are you going to use?

I recommend you start with online guitar lessons. These are video lessons provided by professional guitar teachers.

In my opinion, there’s really only one recommendation I have for older individuals and that’s Guitar Tricks. If you’re interested, you can check out 6 of the most popular lesson providers here.

Guitar Tricks is Great for Older Players

Guitar Tricks LogoFirst of all, let me quickly explain what Guitar Tricks is.

Guitar Tricks is a membership website that offers online video lessons.

You create an account, and you log into the Guitar Tricks’ website.

Once you’re inside, you will have access to thousands of video lessons, and hundreds of song lessons.

All the lessons are in high quality video format. So you can pause, rewind, and go at your own pace.

They have a great program for beginners, but they also have lessons on so many different genres and styles of the guitar.

It is my top recommendation for older players for many reasons:

  • It’s very easy to use
  • There are many teachers to choose from
  • They have the most amount of songs to learn
  • The lessons are very step by step

Try Guitar Tricks For Free

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I like recommending these lessons for older players because they're so easy to learn from.

The dashboard and area where you watch the video lessons is very easy to navigate. Everything is organized in a very straightforward manner.

If you can check your email, you can use these lessons.

I also like recommending this to older people because they have a wide selection of guitar teachers to choose from.

Bluegrass guitar lessons online

Verse and chorus guitar lesson

They have young guitar teachers, but they also have older teachers as well which you might find you can relate to more.

They also offer tons of different styles of lessons such as country, rock, jazz and so on.

Bottom line, if you're an older player and you're looking for some online guitar lessons, I would definitely recommend you check out Guitar Tricks.

The best thing to do is simply get started with a free trial.

You can test Guitar Tricks out for free, to see if you like it.

Click here for a Free Trial of Guitar Tricks.

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