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Looking for online piano lessons, or piano learning software?

You’re in the right place.

Playground Sessions is the total package when it comes to learning the piano with software, instead of in-person lessons.

One of its best features is that you can learn to play songs.

There are video lessons, an interactive dashboard, and a growing song library where you can learn to play your favourite tracks.

It’s a much more advanced learning program than some other popular choices out there, but for those who take full advantage of all the features, it’s probably the best tool available at this time.

To start off this Playground Sessions review, I’ve put together a video which covers what it actually is, how to set it up, and what the lessons really look like.

Wondering if this is right for you?

Check out this full video review:


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Frequently Asked Questions

The two major questions concern who this program is for, and what you need to make it work.

You can always visit the official website and FAQ section for more information, however here's a brief explanation of these two major points:

  • This is for all skill levels
  • You can use a digital or regular piano

There are a wide variety of lessons for all skill levels, as well as songs which are sorted by skill level.

There are instruction videos for pure beginners, as well as more advanced players. So it's really for everyone.

You don't technically need to have a digital piano, however to make use of the dashboard and interactive software you will need one.

If you use a regular piano, you simply download a lesson to your computer, laptop or iPad and just follow along. You only need to be online in order to download a specific lesson.

But to use the interactive dashboard, you will need to have a digital piano hooked up to your computer.

Here is a set up video provided by Playground Sessions: 

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Song Library

As was mentioned above, the main advantage with this system is the ability to learn your favourite songs.

This is really what separates this system from many of the other piano courses out there.


This is the section which contains various tutorials and video lessons.

This is where you can learn all the fundamentals, which are sorted by level of difficulty. When you find a lesson that you want to watch, you simply download it with the software, and you’re good to go.


This is the area where you can keep track of your progress.

It’s not a necessary component, however if you have a digital piano, it’s something I recommend you take advantage of.

You can earn points within the dashboard which you can use to purchase additional songs. This is also where you can get feedback and scores based on your performance.

The amount of data gathered is really impressive. This is really what makes the program the most complete tool for learning the piano. It’s also why I have labeled it as more “advanced”, meaning that there are so many cool features.

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My Personal Thoughts After Testing Out Playground Sessions

I think this review does a good job at showing you how the software works.

We reviewed the tools, and how the technology can help you learn. It basically makes practicing piano easy and fun.

What I can't really show you is how the progression through the exercises and video lessons really enhance the whole learning experience. I can only tell you honestly, that they do.

It's hard to explain and show you how well it works, because it's something you need to experience.

I could record an over-the-shoulder video going through a whole bootcamp series, however that would just take too long. Plus you really need to be playing along yourself.

So this review doesn't really do the software justice.

The first few lessons do an amazing job at providing a clear overview of the piano.

If you're a beginner it may seem daunting when you look at an 88 key piano, but Playground Sessions makes it so easy to understand.

In the early teachings, Playground Sessions separates itself with the great video lessons that are so easy to follow along with, and supply you with proper knowledge about the various keys.

They make learning music theory fun, which is a very difficult task!

But it doesn't stop there:

The learning progressions are awesome. One concept builds on another with proper exercises, followed by proper video instruction. Everything starts coming together.

One thing I think the software does a really good job at is combining reading sheet music with technology and visual aids.

It's probably the fastest tool to use in order to get you sitting at a piano and playing on your own.

I think I mentioned in the video review a few times that Playground Sessions is a bit more advanced.

What I mean by that is that there are so many more features and tools than a traditional piano learning program.

This is great for some people, however others may not like all these features. If you want a very basic learning tool with simply a written guide along with basic video lessons then consider learning more about Piano For All.

However, if you’re comfortable with setting up a digital piano, and want to really track your progress with a dashboard, and start learning how to play your favourite songs, then I recommend you consider this program.

They have some great purchasing plans which makes this program my top recommendation.

I suggest you learn more at the official website. Click here.

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