I’ll cut right to the chase with this comparison of Rocket Piano and Piano For All.

There is absolutely no comparison: Piano For All is 100 times better. I suggest you read my full review here.

At virtually the same price, there’s so much more content with Piano For All, and the quality is much better.

I would first recommend you watch this quick video review first.

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rocket piano imageWhat You Get with Rocket Piano

If you're really interested in viewing all the material with this program, check out the official website here.

Bottom line, the way the material is presented is simply outdated. Not necessarily outdated in the actual content, but outdated in the delivery.

There is a lot of good content, and you will get better at the piano with this program, however it's just not as good as Piano For All.

You get ebooks, and audio and video lessons, however they are not "presented / delivered" the same way they are with Piano For All. Basically, as you go through the ebooks, if you want to watch or listen to a particular section, you need to go and find the video and audio files from the website.

With Piano For All, everything is grouped together which prevents interruptions with your learning. It also has 200 video lessons which you can watch while you take the course as outlined in the video above.

For this reason alone, I recommend you simply stick with Piano For All.

Rocket Piano hasn't made any updates to their Facebook page since 2013 at the time of writing this: 2016!

What REAL Piano Players Are Saying

When I started to research Piano For All, I was shocked at how many positive testimonials it has. It's the reason I tried it out, and I'm so happy I did. 

It's a clear testament to how good this program is. There are so many real testimonials and it's super impressive.

So don't just take my word for it, as I'm only a sample size of 1. Head over to their official website and read all the testimonials. Click here.

Piano For All Review


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