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No matter how much research you'll do, I can almost guarantee you'll find yourself coming back to this drum set.

If you're looking for one of the top electronic drum sets, then I highly recommend you consider this unit from Roland.

There are definitely some cheaper models out here, however for those who are willing to get what they pay for, this is really the go to set.

If you like to buy quality brands, this model must be considered.

Roland is really a leader in this market and are best known for their high quality builds and great sounds.

Enter The Roland TD 11 KV

The drum module that comes with this set is really what separates it from all the others.

It contains kits which cover every type of music genre, a large song library, and very valuable practice tools to help you get better on the drums.

What’s great is that it all comes in one unit, which is included, and it’s so easy to use.

As with a lot of the higher end units, you can attach your USB to play your own music (mp3 / wave files). It also comes with a mix in jack which allows you to hook up your mp3 player or smart device to play along with your own music.

Another great feature is the built in metronome. This is crucial for those looking to improve their skills. Another great learning feature is called coach mode. For example, there is a mode called time check, which tells you if you’re ahead or behind the beat.

You can also record and playback your jams instantly.

Here are some other features:

  • Complete 5 piece set
  • Duel trigger mesh pads
  • Duel trigger crash
  • 3 way trigger ride
  • Bell, bow, and edge
  • High hat
  • Kick pad
  • Chokable cymbals

Check out all the features on the official product page here.

What Drummers Are Saying

Drummers who have tested various electronic drum sets out, seem to confirm that Roland creates some high quality products. So it's always a good sign when real users stand behind the brand.

For this particular model, several consumers have updated their reviews from 2014 and stated that several years later they still use the set, and it's in great shape.

Many drummers have stated that this is one of the best alternatives to acoustic drums sets. If you're looking for a quieter and portable option, I highly recommend you consider this model.

For the most part, people who have purchased this set seem to be overall very satisfied. There were some minor complaints about the snares and pre sets on the drum module, but they were quite minor.

To get a better picture in regards to some real customer reviews, I would recommend you read a few of the reports here. 


I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for an electronic drum set for an alternative to acoustic drums (loud, big, non portable), or anyone who wants to take advantage of the features of these electronic units.

There are several less expensive models than this, however for those who are willing to pay a little more, the quality is definitely there.

The company makes very high quality products, and based on many consumer reviews, this particular model is definitely worth the cost.

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