basic guitar chords

You can’t drive a car without wheels right?

Well, you can’t play a song on the guitar without chords.

As a beginner, you need to master some basic chords.

It turns out that there are 4 easy chords to get started with, and we’ll cover those here.

You might be wondering:

What is a chord anyways? Basically, a chord is what you get when you put 3 different notes together. Notes = Strings in this case.

So there are a lot of possibilities, but let’s cover 4 basic ones here.

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Master a Chord, and You’re One Step Closer to Mastering a Song!

Enter the Simple C Major.

For beginners, it’s recommended to play the highest three strings when starting with these basic guitar chords. The “highest strings are actually found on the lower end of the guitar”.

A Simple C Major chord requires you to play the open G (3rd string), pressed down B (2nd string) in the first fret, and the high E (1st string) played open.


Simple C Major Guitar Chord


So this chord requires you to play all three notes together.

With your pick, you want to gently sweep across each string in a smooth stroke.

Don’t dig in, and don’t go too slow.

The Second Simple Chord: G.

For the Simple G chord, you have the open G, open B, and the 3rd fret of the high E string. Remember we’re only strumming the 3 high strings.


Simple G chord on the guitar


You should use your 3rd finger in the 3rd fret.

It’s that simple.

Moving on to Level 2 – Learn How to Get Your Other Fingers Involved!

The Simple A Minor (Simple Am).

This requires you to place your index finger in the first fret 2nd string (just like the C chord), then place your middle finger on the 2nd fret of the 3rd string.


simple a minor guitar chord


It’s that easy:

You just learned how to play the Simple A Minor. Congrats!

Lastly, We Have the Simple E Major.

This is another easy one.

You use your index finger on the 3rd string, in the 1st fret.


simple e major guitar chord



Just like that, you have another chord under your belt.

Easy Tip: You probably will want to draw out the chord charts above and memorize them. Mastering these 4 chords is everyone's first step to improving on the guitar.

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