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I love music.

Heck, I run a whole website dedicated to it.

But here’s the deal:

For the life of me, I can’t remember specific songs or musicians.

I always wanted to have the best playlists for parties or dinners, however I just couldn’t for the life of me put them together.

What’s the song again?

Who sings that song?

Story of my life…

Then my father in law recommended SONOS.

I found combining SONOS and Google Play Music to be the ultimate home music system.

It’s unbelievable, and not a day goes by that I don’t use it.

Now if I want to listen to jazz, I have tons of playlists at my finger tips.

If I love a song from One Republic, and I want to listen to more songs that are similar to that (because for the life of me I can’t remember any), I have a cool “radio” feature that plays songs similar to a specific artist.

SONOS and Google Play Music (or any other platform) make being a DJ for any occasion a breeze.

But it’s not just about convenient playlists. The sound of SONOS is awesome. 

So if you’re considering a SONOS home theater system, get it! You won’t be disappointed.

Combining it with Google Play or similar programs is absolutely amazing, but it works off your TV as well which is perfect for movies and Netflix.

Here I want to give you my personal review of SONOS and the speakers I own, along with all the different options and speakers that SONOS offers right now.

By the way:

Since getting SONOS, I've recommended it a few times. My sister in law has it, my parents in law have it, and I just bought it for my own parents on Christmas (2016).

The Basics of How SONOS Works

SONOS’ website does a good job at explaining exactly what it does, and the many different options.

Click here to visit the official website.

I’ll try and give you a really straight forward overview here. This video provides a good overview:

SONOS is a wireless home sound system with amazing sound. You can connect it to your TV or you can stream via WiFi.

There are over 30 streaming services that you can use with SONOS. I use Google Play Music, but you can use it with Apple Music, Spotify, Internet radio and so on.

streaming services available with SONOS

What's great is that you can control all this with the SONOS app, and the speakers are wireless.

You can have several speakers in 1 room playing the same thing, or you can have different speakers in different rooms playing different tracks.

It's truly the easiest and most convenient home theater system I've used, plus it also sounds great.

Here's My Setup

I have a Play:1 and Play:3 speaker setup.

The smaller Play:1 is in the kitchen, while the Play:3 is in the front hall (both speakers are outlined below).

I operate all the music with the SONOS app combined with a Google Play Music account.

SONOS on hall table

SONOS on hall table

SONOS in my kitchen

SONOS in my kitchen


The speakers look great, they sound amazing, and using the app is so easy and convenient.

If you're looking to enhance your home's sound system, I highly recommend you consider SONOS.

Depending on what you're looking for, SONOS definitely has an option to meet your needs.

Here are some screenshots of the app on my phone:

SONOS app on iphone

SONOS app with Goole Play Music

SONOS app playing a song

SONOS' Full List of Products

SONOS Play Speakers

Among their pretty extensive lineup, SONOS offers a series of standalone speakers you can use with whatever device you choose to.

Even though their main products are related to TVs, the Play Series Speakers are a great choice for anyone looking to experience good quality sound in a compact format.

As of this moment, there are three Play models available. We have Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5. I want to go over each of these and see what they have to offer.

SONOS Play 1 speakerSONOS Play:1

Play:1 is the smallest standalone speaker offered by SONOS. It is also the most affordable one.

Its extremely compact size makes it a great choice for those who need good sound quality on their travels, as well as anyone who likes low profile audio setups.

The SONOS Play:1 speaker features a semi-cylindrical design. Its sides are covered by a single piece of metal mesh that gives you that continuous uni-body aesthetic.

There are two speakers in every Play:1. You have a smaller tweeter (treble speaker) on top and a decent mid-range woofer below. The quality of both of these speakers is pretty impressive.

The top is also where you can find your main controls. You have the play/pause button that also acts as the skip forward button, as well as the volume controls for the speaker itself. The bottom is where the power cable is inserted.

SONOS has integrated the port in the body so that the cable comes in flush. A great thing about the Play:1 is that it is humidity resistant, making it a great choice as a bathroom speaker.

With the speaker comes the SONOS App.

This application allows you to control the speaker via WiFi and stream music from any of the popular streaming services.

The Play:1 and your phone are all that is necessary to experience a very decent sound quality.

Find the Play:1 on sale at >> Click Here

SONOS Play 3 speakerSONOS Play:3

Moving one step up from Play:1, we find SONOS Play:3.

This speaker offers many advantages over its smaller brother, although most of them are related to the quality of sound you get.

Remember that Play:1 is fairly limited due to its size. While the quality of sound is good even with that small tweeter and mid-range, the Play:3 simply offers so much more in this regard.

In terms of design, the Play:3 comes in a more rectangular format. It is larger than the Play:1, but it still falls into the compact category of speakers. One awesome thing about this design is that you can use it both upright as well as a smaller soundbar.

Instead of having only a tweeter and a mid-range, SONOS Play:3 offers more features.

You have a single high-quality tweeter that offers a high definition in the upper parts of the frequency range. This is followed by not one, but two mid-range woofers. While they produce a great midrange voicing, these are also fitted with a bass radiator. This improves the quality of the bass quite significantly.

The Play:3 comes with three Class-D amplifiers, one for each speaker.

Just like the Play:1, the Play:3 features adjustable treble and bass controls. Using these, you can adjust the speakers to perfectly match the space you are using.

Similarly, the Play:3 also comes with the SONOS app and is compatible with all popular music streaming services out there.

One great feature found on Play:3 which Play:1 doesn't offer is the Ethernet port. This way, if WiFi is not available, you can plug the speaker directly into your router.

Find the Play:3 on sale at >> Click Here

SONOS Play 5 speakerSONOS Play:5

When it comes to the SONOS Play series, the Play:5 is the top of the range model.

This speaker is designed for those who need a full experience, and want to get it in a room that is a bit larger.

However, the output is not the only thing that has changed in comparison with its smaller cousins. The Play:5 brings a much higher quality of sound.

Is it worth the upgrade?

Most definitely.

Here's why:

Much like the Play:3, the Play:5 features a very rectangular design. Similarly, you can use it as a horizontal speaker or a vertical one, depending on your needs.

However, that is where all similarities end.

If you were to remove the front mesh from the Play:5, you would find three high definition tweeters sitting comfortably on top of three mid-range woofers. That is six speakers, each powered by its own Class-D amplifier.

The speakers are arranged in a phased array, they are capable of advanced stereo sound manipulation. This feature is awesome for those who like to enjoy movies in a slightly different way.

On top of that, the Play:5 comes with an audio line input, allowing you to connect various devices and stream music via a hard connection.

As it is the case with other Play Speakers, the Play:5 comes with full WiFi connectivity and an Ethernet port for when there is no wireless available.

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SONOS PlaybaseSONOS Playbase

Aside from producing pretty great standalone speakers, SONOS also offers a series of their own TV theater systems.

Their Playbase is the latest this company has to offer, and it is just amazing. One quick glance at the design of Playbase and you will know exactly what kind of aesthetic they were going for.

Minimalist, simple and overall functional outlines hide years worth of research as well as testing.

Even though mounted TVs are popular these days, a large majority of sets are still sitting on some kind of furniture. SONOS realized this, hence why Playbase was created.

A lot of hard work went into this design. The mesh grille that you see going all around the Playbase hides a series of speakers lined up for optimal performance. However, installing a woofer into such a flat design proved to be a challenge.

With a cone that is facing downward, the sound port for the woofer had to be done in an unusual S-shape. On top of that, the holes on the mesh where the port is facing also had to be widened to allow for more airflow.

Impressive design to say the least.

The Playbase requires only two cables to operate, one for your TV and one for power. Even so, SONOS also included the whole smart package we saw in other SONOS products.

You can use the Playbase as a standalone speaker and stream music via Bluetooth from one of your smart devices. Speaking of which, the SONOS app comes as standard.

Overall, when viewed through the prism of what it was made to do in the first place, the Playbase is one pretty incredible product.

Find the Playbase on sale at >> Click Here

SONOS PlaybarSONOS Playbar

Long before the Playbase was ever a thing, SONOS had their Playbar.

As the title itself suggests, this is one of the of the stereo systems in the shape of a sound bar designed for modern TVs.

All of the features found in the Playbase are also present in the Playbar. The main difference comes from the shape of the device, and the way transducers are aligned.

In itself, the Playbar's design makes it very friendly to wall mounted rigs. You are looking at a long rectangular sound bar that is fitted with three tweeters and six midrange speakers.

Tweeters are there to take care of all of your higher frequencies, while mid-range transducers cover everything else and go pretty deep into the base spectrum. As always, each of the speakers comes with its own Class-D amplifier, ensuring superb range and response.

Using just the SONOS Playbar here, you can give your TV a very serious sound upgrade. There is an EQ section that allows you to adjust the performance of the Playbar so it fits your room perfectly.

To automatically adjust the performance, you can also use their TruePlay app, which measures the room and finds the best preset for it.

Much like most of SONOS' speakers, the Playbar also doubles as a standalone speaker which you can connect to your smart device. It supports WiFi, but not Bluetooth.

While you may not have a lot of use from the Playbar on your travels because of this, we can all agree that mobility wasn't really that important when they designed the Playbar in the first place.

Overall, if you are into wall mounted setups, the Playbar is the way to go.

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SONOS ConnectSONOS Connect

The audio industry reached its peak quite some time ago.

Every advancement we are seeing since then comes in form of small improvements. Even though we might have figured out transducers, there are many ways to upgrade your existing audio system. One of them being the SONOS Connect. This device was designed to bring your old speakers into the new age.

If you have an older set of amplified speakers, which are still too good to be replaced, the SONOS Connect will turn them into a music streaming station.

Connecting any of your smart devices to SONOS Connect is quick and easy, making it a perfect choice for home use.

The design of the box itself is pretty basic. SONOS wanted the Connect to blend into just about any surrounding. Only controls available are found on the front side, and they allow you to adjust volume as well as play/pause the music.

In terms of inputs and outputs, you are looking at a full spectrum of options your older stereo equipment could require. That means analog RCAs as well as digital output for both optical and coax cables.

Besides those, you will also find an RCA input as well as Ethernet port that you can use in case no wireless is available.

That RCA input makes it easy to connect your record player to SONOS Connect and stream the music on any of the wireless speakers you have in your home. In other words, it works both ways.

The device itself is fully compatible with the SONOS app, which you use to control the Connect. Setting everything up is pretty easy and won't take much of your time at all.

At the end of the day, not many people have a need for a device of this type. Those who do will find it to be one of the best ways to freshen up their old equipment, giving it a whole new role.

SONOS Connect AMPSONOS Connect:Amp

If you thought that the standard SONOS Connect is great, wait until you hear about this version.

One of the most important devices for any serious audio equipment is the amplifier. Some speakers simply can't work without one.

Often pretty cumbersome and expensive, amps are not something your average user is going to have. However, with the SONOS Connect:Amp, you can have that type of amplified performance without needing a standalone unit.

For the most part, this version of Connect does everything the regular one does. You have your analog and digital I/O section that will fit any older sound system, and you can also use the full spectrum of features offered by the SONOS app. Connect:Amp is WiFi supported, making is pretty easy to sync it up with any of your smart devices.

So, what kind of amp and what kind of power are we looking at here?

The amp is a quality Class-D unit. It is capable of pushing out 55 Watts per channel while it also has a dedicated subwoofer output that features an 80Hz crossover.

Just like it is the case with many other amplifiers, this one comes with a hefty aluminum heat sync. Being digital and offering limited but substantial power through its channels, you can count on cool and silent experience.

Overall, 55 Watts per each of its two channels is more than enough for most stereo configurations. Naturally, if you want to hook up serious towers, you will probably have to look for another solution.

Considering the price and features offered by the SONOS Connect:Amp, it is fair to say that it is one of the most attractive products of this kind on the market.

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Where Can I Buy SONOS Products?

Here's something you will appreciate.

There are two main places to buy SONOS products, and the prices will be the same.

You can either visit the official website, or purchase from Amazon.

The official website will have live chat support which is very helpful, along with tons of reviews.

Amazon is great because, well it's Amazon. Lots of reviews and easy to use.

Visit the official website: >> Click Here

See SONOS products at >> Click Here

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