subpac physical wearable system reviews

I bet you’re not quite sold on these physical sound systems yet, right?

I wasn’t either, but here’s the deal:

Wearable tech is definitely the next logical step in the evolution of modern devices.

That being said:

I didn’t quite expect something like the stuff SubPac has recently released.

In the majority of cases, when someone mentions a wearable device, you are thinking something along the lines of a smart watch, or a fitness tracker. At least I was.

But what about a new way of experiencing music?

Aside from being somewhat unique, SubPac designs are bringing a whole new type of experience to those who value the quality of their music experience.

Based on Tons of Consumer Reviews, the Hype is Real!

subPac Wearable Physic Sound SystemI chose the main two models to review here, the M2 Wearable and the S2 Setback.

Both of these are a variation of the same core principle, only delivered in formats which might better suit different user groups.

I’m going to introduce you to this awesome tech, and show you just what kind of experience you can expect to get from owning a SubPac device.

How You Experience Sound Will Change Forever

The way most people understand sound includes three very specific frequency bands.

You have your trebles, mids, and bass.

The last one of the three is very interesting.

Sitting next to a hard-hitting subwoofer not only gives you the audible feedback of the music you are listening to, but it also has a physical component to it as well.

Bottom line:

We are talking about the vibrations that hit your body depending on how low the bass hits.

That sensation is something many love to experience, and that is exactly what SubPac is here to offer.

The main idea behind SubPac M2 and S2's design is to allow you to bring the vibrations of a subwoofer anywhere you go.

Whether you like to run, or just travel a lot, SubPac wearable systems will give your music listening experience a whole new dimension.

Let’s look at each model individually.

SubPac S2 Seatback

subpac s2 setbackBetween the two options, this one is intended more for use at home or anywhere where you have a setup seating station like a production studio.

The SubPac S2 Seatback comes with a harness that is easily mounted on just about any type of chair, and it has enough slack to accommodate even the thicker variety of chairs.

One of the main applications where the full potential of the S2 came into focus are music production and immersive gaming.

So far, the feedback is positive.

  • Makes your music experience better
  • Works with gear you already have
  • Best for using in your home


The Features That Everyone is Talking About

The whole pack is pretty compact considering what it’s meant to achieve.

You would think that having something such as this between your back and the chair would feel uncomfortable, but that is definitely not the case. On the contrary, the S2 is designed in a way that makes it comfortable to use even for prolonged periods of time.

Along with the main part of the rig, you also get a control interface that features your level control. The range of intensity you can choose is pretty wide, allowing you to be as subtle or aggressive as you want.

The SubPac S2 can be linked to your media device using a cable or Bluetooth.

How Does it Rate Performance Wise?

Here’s the kicker:

When someone comes up with a product as unusual as this one, there will always be those who will doubt the legitimacy of the claims.

In many cases the skeptics are right, but that is not how the story of SubPac’s devices has panned out.

On the contrary, whoever experienced one of these units was surprised even though they were aware of the hype.

Once you connect everything together and turn on the S2, the vibrations you feel perfectly compliment the sound you’re hearing from your headphones.

This combination of audible and tactile stimuli creates a whole new way of experiencing music, or sound in general.

Find a sales price on the official product page here.

SubPac M2 - The Mobile Version

subpac m2 wearableThe main difference:

The SubPac M2 Wearable is the same product delivered in more mobile format.

SubPac engineers have designed the M2 in a way that makes it practical for everyday use when you need to leave your house.

Whether you're jogging, or simply going down to the store, the SubPac M2 allows you to experience the same thing S2 does, just on the go.

  • Makes your music experience better
  • Works with gear you already have
  • Best for using on the go


Features That Make it Work Outside Your Home

In many ways, the M2 is pretty much identical to the S2.

The main difference comes in the way the device is used.

If you were to observe it from a distance, you would be hard pressed to distinguish it from a stealthy backpack. That is also how you wear the M2.

It comes with standard adjustable straps which force the device snugly against your body while keeping it secure enough where you can run with it.Since it’s pretty lightweight, you won’t feel it on your back.

The SubPac M2 is pretty comfortable, especially for a wearable piece of electronic of its size. That control module I mentioned earlier is installed on one of the shoulder straps, which makes it easily accessible whenever you need to make adjustments.

This is also where you can monitor how much battery you have left. In most cases, you can use the M2 as well as the S2 for approximately 6 hours before having to recharge them.

The Mobile Equivalent of the S2

It's exciting when things live up to the hype.

Once you put the M2 on your back and adjust the straps, you will be surprised just how light it is, and how comfortable you are with it.

Jogging, and even running is definitely not an issue because the M2 is designed in a way that keeps it snug against your back.

The performance of the device itself is pretty much the same you would get from the S2.

This is definitely something I can see taking off in the future.

Find a sales price on the official product page here.

Bottom Line: It's Hard Not to Get Excited

No matter how gimmicky or unnecessary it might appear, the SubPac M2 and S2 are something you need to experience in order to understand.


That might sound a bit "hyped up", but there’s no real way to describe the sensation since there’s nothing quite like it out there.

For the most part, the price is reasonable for those who value a wholesome music experience.

It might seem a bit risky to pull the trigger on this one, but the investment is more than worth it.

Quick Recap:

#1 Recommendation for mobile use: M2 Wearable  > On Sale Here

#2 Recommendation for at home use: S2 Seatback > On Sale Here

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