Yousician Review

Yousician is a new popular app that is designed to help you learn and master a few instruments (guitar and piano are the most popular).

After downloading the app, and logging in, you will be prompted to choose your instrument of choice. You can always switch later. In this example, I chose a guitar.

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Then you’re asked to choose your skill level:

  • Nothing yet…
  • Some basics
  • Lots of songs
  • Almost anything

Then based on your skill level, it will ask you for a few things that you’re comfortable paying.

Here is a screenshot from the basic level guitar option:

guitar training with Yousician

After you choose your skill level, you need to tune up so Yousician can hear what you’re playing.

A easy to follow video will help you tune your guitar. It’s actually really cool:

tune your guitar with yousician

Based on your skill level, the app runs through various missions to help you learn as you go.

You can jump over to the song section where you can start to play along with some famous songs.

As you progress through the “Missions", you unlock new tasks.

When you just get started on the chosen instrument, you will be asked to run through a few practice tasks to get set up.

playing piano with yousician

The interface on the app is very easy to follow along with. Whether you’re using a guitar or piano, you will see your instrument and a white ball that floats along a set of chords. When the ball drops on the chord, you’re supposed to play. It’s very easy to follow along with.

Because this is a free app, it’s always best to download it and get started. You may have to spend some time figuring it all out for yourself, and really that’s the best way to learn.

Here is a video which shows someone in action playing the guitar.

You’ll see that the numbers and colors represent the location of where the string should be played.

When is it Not Free?

There is a limit on what songs you can play, and how much you can do with the free version.

It’s definitely enough to get started and actually see if you’re learning enough with the app, to warrant paying for extra features.

Are There Better Alternatives?

The Yousician app is great for beginners, and as you can see in the video, even more advanced players can enjoy it, however it does have its limitations as well.

One thing it doesn't have, is that full human to human connection like some other options have. If you're happy to learn from a digital screen then it's great, but if you want a lot more human interaction and demonstration, there may be some better options.

I still encourage everyone to consider the guitar learning program called Guitar Tricks. And for people wanting to seriously learn piano, consider some other Piano options here. 

In my opinion, these options are much better than Yousician. 

Some of these will also have free trials, and at the end of the day, you might find them more valuable, especially when you get past the beginner stages.

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