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For making music, getting the right gear is half the battle, wouldn’t you agree?

Whether it’s a microphone system or a simple DI box for my guitar, I know first hand how important quality is when buying musical equipment.

This is why I’ve spent hours researching the 3 main types of DJ turntables, and have some top recommendations you won’t be disappointed in.

Here’s the deal:

I have listed 8 awesome turntables that are worth buying, however they do have their differences which I have outlined below.

If you do shop online, you’ll find the best prices that I’ve found from some top online retailers listed in the table.

Top 8 DJ Turntables in 2017

Here are the best 8 DJ turntables on the market right now.

I have researched 3 types of turntables and have recommendations for each: Direct Drive, Belt Drive, and Portable Suitcase Turntables.

All these options are priced the best, and have received a ton of positive reviews.

1.Audio-Technica LP1240
2.Audio-Technica LP120
3.Stanton T62
4.Akai Professional BT500
5.Stanton T52B
6.ION Audio Max LP
7.ION Audio Vinyl

The 3 Best Direct Drive DJ Turntables

As with almost every single product these days, there are many models and brands out there.

Some of the most reputable brands in this category are Audio-Tehnica and Stanton.

Whether you’re a pro or an enthusiast, or anything in between, these turntables will deliver versatility, with modern features, and HiFi sound, all packed in a modern compact sleek design that can be easily carried and moved from one show location to the other.

So let’s see some of the features and specs that made these models land in my carefully selected "best of" list:

Audio-Technica AT-LP1240

  • Conversion from analog to digital
  • HiFi sound, precision and versatility
  • Multiple speeds and playback modes
  • Sleek modern design
  • Pitch control
  • High power motor for efficiency

audio technica AT LP 1240Primarily designed for professional DJ’s, this can also be used for vinyl faithful collectors to play music in their homes.

You can use this with mobile apps or directly connect it to your laptop through a USB cable.

The sound delivery is exceptional thanks to the highly crafted engineering and superior components. The turntable comes with the Audacity software included, which is needed for laptop connection.

The turntable is very versatile: it can be connected to a variety of power amps, receivers, and other gear.

The motor has 3 speeds and offers speed fidelity and consistency. The tone arm has an S curved shape, and has adjustable counterweights. The direct drive motor is powerful and strong with a back and forward feature and constant speed stability with back cueing.

Easy to use, DJ friendly, with modern features and high versatility is the best way to describe this unit.

Precision, professionalism and quality packed in a modern looking turntable.

The PC and Mac compatibilities allow many conversions and audio formatting which is why it appeals to so many users.

Bottom line:

This is a top recommendation.

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Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB

  • Compact premium design
  • Accurate HiFi sound reproduction
  • Silver plated
  • Transfer your vinyls into digitalized copies
  • Dual magnet phono cartridges
  • Balanced tone arm
  • Stroboscopic speed indicator
  • Switchable built preamp for stereo system connection

audio technica at lp120 usbAnother professional DJ turntable from AT, this model features a fast torque motor direct drive, for fast starting and connection ability through the USB port.

You can play fast forward and reverse mode, along with a multitude of features and options that let you operate the sound and mould it in many ways.

You can manipulate it at various speeds and pitches, with accuracy and assurance. The hardware and the parts are sturdy and very reliable, which is a no brainer with this brand.

The built in preamp is switchable and has various outputs which can be handy for more advanced producers.

Cables and CD software for Audacity are included which many people seem to ask about.

Here's the bottom line:

This is another highly recommended turntable from Audio-Tehnica, which is slightly cheaper than the previous recommendation.

If you don't want to pay a premium price for a slightly more powerful motor and higher signal to noise ratio, this is a great option.

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Stanton T62 Direct Drive DJ Turntable

The design of the T62 is based on the previous model T60, a success and a popular choice in the DJ community.

Because it's so easy to use, this tends to be recommended for all skill levels.

  • Equipped with the famous 500 v3cartridge
  • Slipmat for precise control
  • RCA outputs
  • Double starts/stop controls for battles
  • Two playback speeds available at 33 and 45 rotations per minute
  • High torque motor with direct drive
  • Manipulate the pitch and tempo
  • Accessories included: cables, user's manual, slipmat, dustcover
  • Pre mounted cartridge

Stanton t62The T62 is great if you're getting back into DJing, or you just have some vinyl records you want to listen to, this is a great choice because it's affordable and very easy to use.

It comes with enough power to suit most advanced stratch DJs, however it's priced much lower than some more advanced units.

What's great is that it comes with everything you need: cartridge and slipmat for optimal performance.

Some people complained about the slipmat however it's easily replaceable. Also, if you are coming from a controller set up, you might find yourself a bit heavy handed with this model.

But I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time.


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3 Belt Drive Turntables to Strongly Consider

In belt-drive turntables, an elastic belt is attached to the motor and the platter is set atop a bearing.

You probably already knew that.

But here's why I think people like this type of turntable:

They have awesome sound quality because of the fact that the motor is far away from the platter.

The elastic belt prevents vibrations of the motor affecting the sound output.

They tend to be more affordable.

These turntables are best suited for the people who generally do not scratch or mix it up while playing music.

I did a lot of research and came up with this list of the 3 turntables I would recommend you consider:

Akai Professional BT500

  • Isolated DC motor that is high on torque
  • Adjustable feet
  • Non slipmat made of rubber
  • High signal to noise ratio
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • AUX input, RCA outputs
  • USB connection

AKAI professional BT500The Akai BT500 has all the new-school features that you would want from a belt driven turntable.

Though it is a bit pricey, these features make it completely worth it in my opinion. 

This turntable can also be used with a stereo or speakers with the help of the amazing built-in switchable pre-amp.

It comes along with software that makes it easy to connect it to a computer and convert analog files to digital.

The walnut finish gives a sleek, classy look and the metal parts feel very solid. The platter is heavy while the tone-arm isn't too heavy. It is very easy to set-up and use.

I would recommend you check out the full product listing for more specific specifications and some real customer reviews.


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Stanton T52B Straight Arm Belt Drive Turntable

  • Robust design
  • Easy to operate
  • Pitch Control
  • Slider Manual
  • Pitch Control
  • 2 speeds for playback
  • 2 Start or Stop Switches for battle mode
  • USB, RCA Outputs

stanton t52bThis turntable by Stanton is simple looking but it is packed with professional features.

You simply cannon ask for more in this price tag.

It has built-in USB connectivity and the included software can be used to digitalize the records.

The pre-mounted 500.v3 cartridge works like a charm and it's ready to use out of the box.

Anyone who lies in the range of a beginner to a medium-level DJ will be more than happy with this device.

You also get a dust cover to keep this beauty covered when it is not being used.

One thing to note is that t does not come with a pre-amp. So if you want to connect headphones, you have to get a separate pre-amp.

Some users noted that if you replace the RCA cable with a thicker one, you may improve the overall sound.


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ION Audio Max LP

  • 12V DC adapter
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Built-in speakers
  • RCA outputs, headphone output
  • Inexpensive

ION Audio Max LPION presents a shiny looking piano back turntable, at a very affordable price.

The tone-arm gives a plastic-like feel but once you use it, you will realize that it is rather solid.

The vinyl record software that comes bundled up is surprisingly quite easy to use which a lot of users noted.

You also get a clear dust cover that can cover this up completely while listening to music and watching the record spin. It's easily removable as well which is nice.

Its low price plays a big role in this being the perfect turntable for brand new fans of vinyl music.

You get a beautiful device at a very good price, plus you get an amazing output especially on the headphones.

In terms of set up, you might want to avoid the built in speakers. If you connect a subwoofer, you're probably way better off.

Bottom line:

Belt drive turntables are the best option for vinyl record lovers, and part-time DJs. Unless you are a professional disc jockey, these are probably the best option for you.

The sound quality of a vinyl record is exceptional, and the ION Audio Max Lp is definitely worth considering.


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2 Top Portable Suitcase Turntables

With the advancement of technology, portable suitcase turntables were introduced.

After many changes and improvements, they have been able to work perfectly well over the years. These are some of the benefits of portable suitcase turntables:

  • Rich sound quality
  • Less expensive than authentic vinyl players
  • Innovative designs
  • Compact in size
  • Can serve as great showpieces

So, if you're a big fan of vinyl records and have been looking for new ways to make this lovely playback system portable, you now have a few good options.

After doing a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that the following devices will give you the best experience in terms of sound and quality. You will not regret spending your cash on the following turntables:

ION Audio Vinyl Motion

  • Suitable for 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records
  • Built-in speakers
  • 45 RPM adapter
  • Rechargeable AA batteries with a backup of up to 4 hours
  • RCA outputs
  • Headphone input
  • AUZ input
  • USB cable
  • EZ Vinyl converter software

ION audio vinyl motion dj turntableThis portable turntable by ION has a vintage look with all the modern features you can ask for. The best part is, you get all this at a very affordable price.

You can carry it around by packing it in the suitcase and latching it up for safe-keeping.

The stylus is conical in shape, is made of ceramic and has a diamond tip. It even cleans up the dirt that gets settled in between the records.

The sound quality of the built-in speakers is perfect for a small room which many consumers have mentioned.

Once a record is over, the auto-stop feature works well and since this turntable comes with a rechargeable battery, you can enjoy the lovely sound of vinyl whenever you want, even if you don’t have a switch near you.

The built-in stereo speakers are a great option when you are outdoors and don’t have an external speaker to connect. The RCA outputs help you to connect the turntable to a stereo system and enjoy the amazing sound at an even greater level. This is definitely a key feature.

You can even use this turntable as a portable amplifier with the help of the AUX input. All you have to do is plug in any external source of music and use Vinyl Motion Deluxe.

The converter software that comes along can be used to convert a song into digital files with the help of a flash drive.

This will be perfect for you if you are looking for a cheap record player that can produce an amazing sound output while being easy to carry around at the same time.

But keep in mind that at this price, you're not going to get a huge amount of bass.


Read Customer Reviews and Find a Sales Price >> Click Here

1byone Suit Case Turntable with Speaker

  • 33 / 45 / 78 RPM speed settings
  • Integrated speakers
  • 45 RPM adapter
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • RCA outputs
  • AUX input
  • Auto-stop function
  • Vinyl to MP3 recording
  • Headphone jack

1byone suit case dj turntableI feel like a broken record but here goes:

You're not going to find a better portable turntable at this price. It's so easy to use, and for under $100, you just can't go wrong.

It comes with a built-in speaker however similar to many of these models you can hook up earphones and external speakers if you wish.

ibyone has a few different briefcase designs and some have a really cool retro look and feel.

What's great is that the case is quite durable which is important if you will be transporting it from time to time.

With this particular model you can also playback music from other devices like your iPod, mobile phone and so on.

So you can pretty much think of this as a cool speaker, that has the option of playing vinyl records. Very cool and very versatile!

And yes, to keep the "broken record" theme going, it's super affordable.


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Where to Buy These Turntables and Save the Most Money

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