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If you're interested in country guitar lessons, then the program called Guitar Tricks is definitely recommended.

Guitar Tricks is one of the best resources for online guitar lessons.

I've recommended it over and over on this website, and have compared it to other leading guitar learning resources. 

Not only do they have a full beginner section, but they also have a large library of country guitar song lessons.

Country Lessons for Beginners

Guitar Tricks is by far the best resource for beginners.

They have a step by step program called the Core Learning System.

After progressing through the Fundamentals, you can head over to the Country Section (keep in mind, you can access any section whenever you want).

Here's a screenshot showcasing some of the lessons:

core learning system at Guitar Tricks

Country guitar lesson chapters at Guitar Tricks

There is a large "curriculum" of country lessons:

The level 1 course is made up of 6 chapters:

  • The Acoustic Foundation
  • Electric Rhythm Tools 1
  • Country Lead Tools 1
  • Electric Rhythm Tools 2
  • Country Lead Tools 2
  • Country Gear And Tone

The level 2 course is made up of 5 chapters:

  • Picking Primer
  • Fancy Pants Chords
  • Rhythm Guitar Techniques
  • Picking and Strumming
  • Country Rhythm Guitar Like The Masters

The Song Library is Great for All Players

Even if you're not a beginner, there is a section on advanced lessons, and also a entire category of songs in this genre.

Country guitar song lessons at Guitar Tricks

How would you like lessons on songs like Big River by Jonny Cash, or Outta Here by Kenny Chesney.

Guitar Tricks has hundreds of song lessons in all types of genres. For country, they have the biggest list of song lessons that I'm aware of.

The easiest thing to do is get a free trial, and see if you like the video lessons.

You can get a free trial through this link. Click here to get started today. 

Bottom line, for this style of guitar, you won't find a better resource for learning and improve your skills.

I've tested many apps and DVD courses, and I still recommend Guitar Tricks first.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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